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depends=plan9port-^(base bin devel dict dist faces font-asian \
font-bh font-core font-proof lib lp postscript postscript-bh \
sky sky-data src troff unixdist)
desc='Plan 9 from User Space
Plan 9 is a distributed computing environment built at Bell Labs
starting in the late 1980s. The system can be obtained from Bell Labs
at and runs on PCs and a variety
of other platforms. Plan 9 became a convenient platform for
experimenting with new ideas, applications, and services.
Plan 9 from User Space provides many of the ideas, applications,
and services from Plan 9 on Unix-like systems. It runs on FreeBSD (x86),
Linux (x86 and PowerPC), Mac OS X (PowerPC), OpenBSD (x86), and
SunOS (Sparc).
This is a virtual package depending on the files for a complete
installation of Plan 9 from User Space. See the package
plan9port-minimal for a minimal installation.