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typedef struct XFont XFont;
XFont *xfont;
int nxfont;
enum {
SubfontSize = 32,
SubfontMask = (1<<16)/SubfontSize - 1,
struct XFont
char *name;
int loaded;
uchar range[(1<<16)/SubfontSize]; // range[i] == whether to have subfont i*SubfontSize to (i+1)*SubfontSize - 1.
int nrange;
int unit;
double height;
double originy;
void (*loadheight)(XFont*, int, int*, int*);
// fontconfig workarround, as FC_FULLNAME does not work for matching fonts.
char *fontfile;
int index;
void loadfonts(void);
void load(XFont*);
Memsubfont* mksubfont(XFont*, char*, int, int, int, int);
extern XFont *xfont;
extern int nxfont;
void *emalloc9p(ulong);
extern Memsubfont *defont;
void drawpjw(Memimage*, Fontchar*, int, int, int, int);