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enum /* face strings */
Facesize = 48
typedef struct Face Face;
typedef struct Facefile Facefile;
struct Face
Image *bit; /* unless there's an error, this is file->image */
Image *mask; /* unless there's an error, this is file->mask */
char *str[Nstring];
int recent;
ulong time;
Tm tm;
int unknown;
Facefile *file;
* Loading the files is slow enough on a dial-up line to be worth this trouble
struct Facefile
Image *image;
Image *mask;
ulong mtime;
ulong rdtime;
int ref;
char *file;
Facefile *next;
extern char date[];
extern char *maildir;
extern char **maildirs;
extern int nmaildirs;
extern CFsys *mailfs;
Face* nextface(void);
void findbit(Face*);
void freeface(Face*);
void initplumb(void);
void killall(char*);
void showmail(Face*);
void delete(char*, char*);
void freefacefile(Facefile*);
Face* dirface(char*, char*);
void resized(void);
int alreadyseen(char*);
ulong dirlen(char*);
ulong fsdirlen(CFsys*, char*);
void *emalloc(ulong);
void *erealloc(void*, ulong);
char *estrdup(char*);
char *findfile(Face*, char*, char*);
void addmaildir(char*);