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#ifndef _FRAME_H_
#define _FRAME_H_ 1
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
typedef struct Frbox Frbox;
typedef struct Frame Frame;
#define FRTICKW 3
struct Frbox
long wid; /* in pixels */
long nrune; /* <0 ==> negate and treat as break char */
uchar *ptr;
short bc; /* break char */
short minwid;
struct Frame
Font *font; /* of chars in the frame */
Display *display; /* on which frame appears */
Image *b; /* on which frame appears */
Image *cols[NCOL]; /* text and background colors */
Rectangle r; /* in which text appears */
Rectangle entire; /* of full frame */
void (*scroll)(Frame*, int); /* scroll function provided by application */
Frbox *box;
ulong p0, p1; /* selection */
ushort nbox, nalloc;
ushort maxtab; /* max size of tab, in pixels */
ushort nchars; /* # runes in frame */
ushort nlines; /* # lines with text */
ushort maxlines; /* total # lines in frame */
ushort lastlinefull; /* last line fills frame */
ushort modified; /* changed since frselect() */
Image *tick; /* typing tick */
Image *tickback; /* saved image under tick */
int ticked; /* flag: is tick onscreen? */
int noredraw; /* don't draw on the screen */
int tickscale; /* tick scaling factor */
ulong frcharofpt(Frame*, Point);
Point frptofchar(Frame*, ulong);
int frdelete(Frame*, ulong, ulong);
void frinsert(Frame*, Rune*, Rune*, ulong);
void frselect(Frame*, Mousectl*);
void frselectpaint(Frame*, Point, Point, Image*);
void frdrawsel(Frame*, Point, ulong, ulong, int);
Point frdrawsel0(Frame*, Point, ulong, ulong, Image*, Image*);
void frinit(Frame*, Rectangle, Font*, Image*, Image**);
void frsetrects(Frame*, Rectangle, Image*);
void frclear(Frame*, int);
void frredraw(Frame*);
uchar *_frallocstr(Frame*, unsigned);
void _frinsure(Frame*, int, unsigned);
Point _frdraw(Frame*, Point);
void _frgrowbox(Frame*, int);
void _frfreebox(Frame*, int, int);
void _frmergebox(Frame*, int);
void _frdelbox(Frame*, int, int);
void _frsplitbox(Frame*, int, int);
int _frfindbox(Frame*, int, ulong, ulong);
void _frclosebox(Frame*, int, int);
int _frcanfit(Frame*, Point, Frbox*);
void _frcklinewrap(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
void _frcklinewrap0(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
void _fradvance(Frame*, Point*, Frbox*);
int _frnewwid(Frame*, Point, Frbox*);
int _frnewwid0(Frame*, Point, Frbox*);
void _frclean(Frame*, Point, int, int);
void _frdrawtext(Frame*, Point, Image*, Image*);
void _fraddbox(Frame*, int, int);
Point _frptofcharptb(Frame*, ulong, Point, int);
Point _frptofcharnb(Frame*, ulong, int);
int _frstrlen(Frame*, int);
void frtick(Frame*, Point, int);
void frinittick(Frame*);
#define NRUNE(b) ((b)->nrune<0? 1 : (b)->nrune)
#define NBYTE(b) strlen((char*)(b)->ptr)
#if defined(__cplusplus)