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This directory contains scripts that build the standalone
Unix versions of libutf, libfmt, libbio, libregexp, and mk.
all the make files, in pieces that are put together for each
the variants of the man pages updated for the Unix versions
mk new-utf new-fmt new-bio new-regexp new-mk
create a new directory with the files that go into the given archive
mk test-utf test-fmt test-bio test-regexp test-mk
create the directory, populate it, and run a test build
mk libutf.tgz libfmt.tgz libbio.tgz libregexp9.tgz mk.tgz
create the directory, populate it, and build a tar file
mk mk-with-libs.tgz
build a tar file containing everything in one package
mk tgz
build all the tar files
mk push
copy the tar files to