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# Note: the name listed next to a change sometimes
# submitted the patch but more often just reported
# the problem.
# For entries more recent than January 30, 2008,
# see the Mercurial repository history at
# (or if you have checked out the Mercurial tree, run hg view).
January 30, 2008
acme: fix regexp match choice bug
devdraw: add F11 for full-screen toggle
rio: accomodate full-screen apps more gracefully
sam: fix regexp match choice bug
January 28, 2008
xd: fix printing of 4-byte values on 64-bit machines (Sam Hopkins)
January 12, 2008
delatex: reset lexer state at each beginning of file
ipso: do not flush factotum keys unless using factotum file
libdiskfs: fix ext2 directory reading bug (Mike Mammarella)
lp: move devices to devices.sample
rio: make full-screen work properly; add showevent
venti: fewer calls to gettimeofday
vmount: need to say -t nfs now on Linux
January 10, 2008
acme: make STACK bigger for OS X (David Swasey)
dist,unix: use MKSHELL=$PLAN9/bin/rc (John DeGood)
libdraw: fix spinning event loop (David Bulkow)
libregexp: fix match choice bug
December 7, 2007
acme, sam, libregexp: regexp fixes and reversions
December 4, 2007
hoc: print exact floating point output
sam: turn off DEBUG logging (oops)
vbackup: fix uninitialized variable use in -i code
November 28, 2007
acme: refresh window properly after Tab command (Fazlul Shahriar)
November 27, 2007
.hgignore: ignore more
libdiskfs: make ext2 use little-endian disk format on big-endian machines (Joshua Wood)
acme: accept clicks between body and scroll bar (Axel Belinfante)
tpic: clean up better
upas/smtp: remove intermediate files
vbackup: add -i flag to avoid score prefetching (David Swasey)
venti: add debugging HTML form
November 25, 2007
acme: avoid infinite loop on search in 8125-byte file (Roger Peppe)
lib9: avoid DIOCGMEDIASIZE on FreeBSD 4.11 (Rodrigo Readi)
mailfs: use root in imapcopylist (Richard Bilson)
moveplan9.files: add tmac/ (Tony Lainson)
November 23, 2007
9pfuse: ignore Linux O_CLOEXEC flag (Michael Kaminsky)
November 22, 2007
9pfuse: fix array bounds error (Michael Teichgräber)
vbackup: fix fsysopen error message (Joshua Wood)
November 7, 2007
9fs: use -n to mount sources (Jeff Sickel),
9pfuse: MacFUSE moved again! (Jeff Sickel)
November 6, 2007
.cvsignore: add 9pm (for old trees)
unvf: ignore case in Content-Transfer-Encoding: line.
validateattachment: reject malformed zip files
November 5, 2007
building: use ar s flag to avoid ranlib (OS X)
diff: continue after i/o errors when diffing many files
factotum: silence gcc warning
getns: turn / into _ in $DISPLAY
libdiskfs: OS X linker fixes
libmach: OS X linker fixes
libmp: no text jump labels (OS X)
libthread: use our own swapcontext on OS X
mailfs: handle NIL body, add -r flag (Richard Bilson)
November 4, 2007
man: document hg interface, fix CVS host name
November 3, 2007
libthread: more OS X 10.5 changes (Jeff Sickel)
October 31, 2007
venti: use 9ar, not ar (fixes Darwin build)
October 30, 2007
libthread: OS X 10.5 tweaks (Jeff Sickel, Bakul Shah)
October 29, 2007
grap: fclose, error context bug fixes (Doug Gwyn)
venti: fix sync deadlock, add /proc stub
October 12, 2007
9p: add -n to disable authentication
9pserve: add -n to reject authentication
srv: add -n to reject authentication
October 9, 2007
mount: ask for Unix test explicitly (Chris King)
September 24-25, 2007
venti: many fixes, new index cache
September 16, 2007
factotum: fix build error (Axel Belinfante)
September 15, 2007
auxstats: use acpi for battery on Linux (Andrey Mirtchovski)
September 13, 2007
factotum: implement 9pcr (of dubious utility)
August 28, 2007
9pserve: fix infinite loop bug
August 23, 2007
venti: add -s flag, bug fixes (Michael Kaminsky)
August 22, 2007
9.rc: change to work with rc -e (Tony Lainson)
9pserve: fix races causing assert(c->nmsg == 0) to fail.
acme: fix warning memory leak (Michael Teichgräber)
libfmt: add fmtlocale to Makefile (Faried Nawaz)
libthread: simplify alt tracking, possibly fixing bug
mailfs: fix handling of FLAGS responses (Robert Vollmert)
unix ports: Linux x86-64 Makefiles (Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason)
July 25, 2007
9pfuse: even more MacFUSE path changes
June 29, 2007
dict: look in $dictpath for dictionaries
June 24, 2007
mailfs: fix subject line in header file.
June 23, 2007
mailfs: various IMAP bug fixes
Mail: add Get command, refresh at startup,
fix deleted messages bug
nedmail: refresh at startup, on i and y.
June 20, 2007
9pfuse: add -a aname to get at sourcesdump
June 19, 2007
9pfuse: the MacFUSE file locations changed again (Rob Pike)
June 18, 2007
upas/marshal: remove debugging print
9pserve: ignore window resizes (fix really should be elsewhere)
libdiskfs: more HFS fixes (David Swasey)
June 15, 2007
acme(1): fix Snarf bug, change Indent ON to apply to all windows.
June 12, 2007
vcat: always write last block, to make disk correct size
vbackup: more OS X fixes, add -M flag
vbackup(8): document -M
June 9, 2007
libregexp, sam, acme: day 1 bug in sam regexp code
June 8, 2007
libdiskfs: add HFS resource fork support (David Swasey)
June 5, 2007
ramfs: be less chatty
June 3, 2007
vbackup: fix dotdot (David Swasey)
May 29, 2007
libdiskfs: more HFS fixes (David Swasey)
May 28, 2007
libdiskfs: missing Bterm, make ext2 quieter,
add disk partitions, HFS code (David Swasey)
May 21, 2007
libregexp: fix pointer comparison warning (Ramon de Vera)
test: fix
May 20, 2007
touch: print error if wstat fails
libc: use futimes on Linux to implement dirfwstat
May 19, 2007
test: import from Plan 9
May 18, 2007
libregexp: fix bug about leading ^ in regexp on multiline text (Roger Peppe)
May 15, 2007
libc: new media size code for _p9dir on FreeBSD (Lou Kamenov)
acme(4): document tab width field in ctl file
May 10, 2007
libc: more NaN fixes (rsc)
use device names in _p9dir for FreeBSD (Lou Kamenov)
acme, samterm: manage off-screen tick better (Bill Cheswick)
May 8, 2007
9pfuse: better handling of create (Michael Teichgräber)
May 7, 2007
troff: fix age-old troff crash (Noel Hunt)
May 5, 2007
page: fix troff input (Colin DeVilbiss)
May 4, 2007
9pfuse: propagate offset in read and write (Michael Teichgräber)
May 3, 2007
devdraw: fix UTF-8 snarf problems
grep: add undocumented -q flag (Rob Pike)
venti: more OS X compatibility
May 2, 2007
snoopy: add support for reading pcap files
venti: debugging, more bug fixes
May 1, 2007
libthread: use standard Sun context routines on SunOS
mount: use 9p not 9P as mount type (Michael Kaminsky)
April 27, 2007
venti: yet more fixes
April 25, 2007
acme: allow swap of column 0 with other columns
April 24, 2007
libsunrpc: fix memory leak (Bakul Shah)
venti: more fixes
April 22-23, 2007
venti: more fixes
April 21, 2007
libhttpd: fix chunked-related bugs
htmlroff: warn about missing argument to \w
mk: fix for Unix port
venti: many fixes
April 17, 2007
date: put up with longer timezones from strftime %Z (xav@chantry)
win: better dump string (Fazlul Shahriar)
April 14, 2007
auxstats: better network stats (Jeff Sickel)
April 13, 2007
grap: fix double-fclose (Gabi Diaz)
April 12, 2007
auxstats: better memory stats on OS X (Jeff Sickel)
April 7, 2007
libventi: dangling pointer race fix (Bakul Shah)
vbackup: complain loudly about vtwrite failure
April 6, 2007
libc: new __isNaN (again)
9p(3): remove mention of threading
April 5, 2007
libc: new __isNaN (Scott Schwartz)
April 3, 2007
adict: fix comment (Arvindht Tamilmani)
plumb/basic: plumb all URLs
page: finish conversion to libthread (Tim Wiess)
March 28, 2007
rc: keep path and PATH in sync again
March 26, 2007
9l: cope with new gcc error syntax
acme: make :1-1 a valid address (Arvindh Tamilmani)
auxstats: fix OpenBSD nit (Chad Dougherty)
mk: 64-bit fixes, fix memory errors, fix wait (rsc)
better rc detection (Michael Teichgräber)
empty string interpolation (Michael Teichgräber)
page: import from Plan 9 (Kris Maglione)
venti: pad zmagic to better length
March 25, 2007
acme: make Load more faithful to Dump (Peter Canning)
adict: parse -d arg correctly (Fazlul Shahriar)
cb: Beof ctype bug (Michael Teichgräber)
dist/main.html: mention x86 OS X, x86-64 Linux & BSD
rc: cope with programs that leave fd in non-blocking mode (Tim Wiess)
statusbar: import from Plan 9 (Lou Kamenov)
troff2html: use plain char if no translation
libdiskfs: add big file support in ext2 (David Swasey)
venti/checkarenas: fix argument parsing (David Swasey)
vnfs: remove double-free (David Swasey)
March 15, 2007
acme: redraw tags only as often as needed (Rob Pike)
auxclog: avoid libc conflict on OS X
February 22, 2007
9l, devdraw, snarfer: -ldraw no longer implies -lX11
February 11, 2007
acme: fix various memory errors
January 29, 2007
ls: make ls -lF work
yacc: fix bug in yacc -a writing to wrong file
January 27, 2007
acme(1): add paragraph about < | > (Rob Pike)
January 25, 2007
vbackup: stop using vtgoodbye, which seems to hang
on some systems
January 24, 2007
9pfuse: Google moved fusefs.kext; look in both places
January 18, 2007
print + lines for new files in verbose mode
return value bug fixes
decode uid/gid strings as numbers when possible
(Michael Kaminsky)
mount, unmount, 9pfuse: Mac FUSE support! (Jeff Sickel)
January 14, 2007
libmp: change mpdigit to uint - something is wrong if mpdigit is 64 bits
January 12, 2007
sam: fix 15-year-old sam protocol bug
December 9, 2006
lib/ avoid quoting bugs when /bin/sh is dash
November 30, 2006
venti: stop printing EOk messages
November 20, 2006
libdiskfs: add fsysclose for ext2 (Michael Kaminsky)
November 6, 2006
venti: placate 64-bit gcc (William Josephson)
November 5, 2006
libdraw: fix cpu-chewing loop in eread (Lu Xuxiao)
postscript: update README
fcall.h: fix GBIT32 macros to be 64-bit safe
November 4, 2006
libdraw: fix cpu-chewing loop in eread (Lu Xuxiao)
November 2, 2006
lib9: fix sleep on OpenBSD 4 (Tim Wiess)
October 19, 2006
vbackup, libventi: plug various memory leaks
October 16, 2006
psfonts: use 9 psdownload (William Josephson)
October 13, 2006
devdraw/ look for /usr/X11
October 11, 2006
": remove prompt to avoid double-send problems
use all 9 commands (Karl Sackett)
9pfuse: allow for EPROTO being missing (Tim Wiess)
hget: print final update in -v mode
mk: avoid broken print (Gabriel Diaz)
seq: import Plan 9 seq (Anthony Martin)
tcs: avoid htmlroff hang, avoid nonstandard entity names (Michael Teichgräber)
lib9p: correct ref counting in walkfile (F. J. Ballesteros)
September 18, 2006
venti: fix zblock bug
September 17, 2006
lp: add generic, lpd stat backends
August 29, 2006
libip: remove duplicate myetheraddr (William Josephson)
sam: avoid seg fault in new $samfile code
August 24, 2006
sam: set $samfile during external commands
August 1, 2006
9pfuse: break from read properly (Lou Kamenov)
July 31, 2006
9pfuse: free fuse messages
July 27, 2006
B: allow +line syntax to placate Unix tools
9pfuse: use correct O_LARGEFILE,
wait for mount before exiting
mount: quote the equals character
July 26, 2006
9pfuse: FreeBSD fixes (Lou Kamenov)
July 24, 2006
INSTALL: add space after -v in awk command for OS X (Andrey Mirtchovski)
July 23, 2006
INSTALL: print status updates
ed: clean up on kill signal, use /var/tmp for temp files
upas/vf: clean up temporary files
July 22, 2006
9pfuse: new program - mount 9P via FUSE (!) (see 9pfuse(4))
mount, unmount: new shell scripts (see mount(1))
snarfer: fix nowsys build (Lou Kamenov)
troff2png: new shell script for htmlroff
vwhois: new shell script
lib9/dial: allow regular files in unix!file syntax
lib9/_p9dialparse: experiment: allow host:port and unadorned /tmp/ns/foo
lib9pclient: more low-level 9P functions
lib9/sendfd: don't die on eof in recvfd
libventi: fix cache bug (Eoghan Sherry)
July 18, 2006
libventi: add vttimefmt
venti/srv: import latest fixes from Plan 9
vcat: remove incorrect check for Linux (Michael Kaminsky)
vmount: use port 2049 instead of 12049 (Michael Kaminsky)
July 5, 2006
devdraw: fix opaque resize error (Bart Locanthi)
plumb/basic: allow _, -, and / in header file names
July 4, 2006
libdraw: move USED to right place in drawclient.c (Arvindh Tamilmani)
July 2, 2006
libbio: return number of bytes output in Bvprint, Bprint
bio(3): update Bprint description
print(3): update runeprint description
June 30, 2006
mail/lib/rewrite: remove personal mail config (oops)
June 29, 2006
acme/Mail, upas/nfs: use correct file names
for attachments (Lou Kamenov)
lib/acme.rc: remove extra acme in names (Arvindh Tamilmani)
devdraw(1): fix man page bugs
srv(4): fix typo (Serge Gagnon)
June 28, 2006
9term: better cleanup on window delete
June 27, 2006
rc: allow = in command line arguments
June 26, 2006
9term: use getdents instead of getdirentries on NetBSD (Christoph Lohmann)
June 25, 2006
9l: tweak to handle memdraw memlayer
sam: fix bug in duplicate file name detection
stack: accept process names as arguments
web: handle spaces in URLs
lib9/fmt: silence a gcc warning
lib9p, lib9pclient: clean up useless #includes, debugging prints
libacme: document in acme(3)
libdraw: split out libmemdraw, libmemlayer
move X11 code into separate server devdraw(1)
add <drawfcall.h>, drawfcall(3)
libmux: add non-blocking support
change muxthreads to muxprocs to match mux(3)
libplumb: add plumbunmount
June 16, 2006
acme: root out unrooted paths
June 14, 2006
libdiskfs: ext2, vnfs bug fixes (Steve VanDeBogart)
June 12, 2006
libthread: fix Linux 2.4 proc leak
lib9, libthread: add p9usepwlibrary to avoid pw library in threaded
programs (can stack overflow)
sed: new flag -l
June 7, 2006
libflate: make 64-bit safe
venti: call fmtlocaleinit in fmtzblock
June 6, 2006
plumb/basic: use "9 page" instead of page
June 4, 2006
libthread: run threaded programs in own note group when
not using tty (for threaddaemonize)
libthread: attempt at Sparc assembly
May 30, 2006
lib9: use didtz correctly (Rob Pike)
graph: remove C99-isms
May 27, 2006
lib9/fmt: silence warning in fltfmt
9pserve: use same uname that srv.c does
acme Mail: make srvname global
astro: use va_args for cosadd, sinadd (Michael Teichgräber)
May 26, 2006
libbio, lib9pclient, libhttpd: bug fixes - call fmtlocaleinit in more places
May 25, 2006
lib9/fmt: bug fixes - call fmtlocaleinit in more places
May 24, 2006
libacme: new library
acme Mail: make compile (missing srvname)
upas/nfs: fix broken comments
May 23, 2006
astro: make sure to use local fmod (Michael Teichgräber)
May 22, 2006
lib9/fmt: new, commented fltfmt (rsc)
lib9/fmt: fixes and cleanups (Rob Pike, Google)
May 21, 2006
lib9/fmt: fixes and cleanups (Rob Pike, Google)
libdraw: import Plan 9 changes to libmemdraw
graph: add colors argument (Gregor Asplund)
snoopy: fix icmp overflow
tapefs: import 64-bit changes from Plan 9
tcs: import from Plan 9
upas/spam: add spam filter (Lou Kamenov)
upas/libcommon: better locking in libcommon
upas/nfs: remove useless warning
May 19, 2006
libdraw: rfork(RFNOTEG) in initdraw (Anselm Garbe)
htmlroff: break line on .ti (Michael Teichgräber)
May 18, 2006
lib9: better time zone handling
May 16, 2006
vbackup: use linux/version.h to determine Linux version
May 12, 2006
libthread: avoid zombie when execvp fails
May 10, 2006
libsunrpc: fix bug introduced in ext3 fixes (Serge Gannon)
May 9, 2006
libdiskfs: set name length in FFS reader
fmt: correct double spacing bug (Rob Pike)
htmlroff: fix font size bug (Michael Techgräber)
May 6, 2006
acme Mail: show full From name in main window
htmlroff: correct path to utfmap (Michael Teichgräber)
ndb: fix compilation problem on FreeBSD 4
sam: silence gcc warnings
tmac: import tmac.s from Plan 9
May 5, 2006
libdiskfs, libsunrpc, libventi, vbackup: correct compile errors
acme: fix Edit | bug.
May 4, 2006
libdiskfs: ext2: various off-by-one etc. fixes (Steve VanDeBogart)
libsunrpc: various odd Linux errors (Steve VanDeBogart)
libsunrpc: 32->64 array index sign extension bug (Lou Kamenov)
9pserve: be careful about message sizes (Andrey Mirtchovski)
April 27, 2006
libdiskfs: ffs code: fix double free, silence chatty print (Steve VanDeBogart)
April 21, 2006
map/libmap: can probably use system tan instead of writing our own
libmp, libthread, 9pserve, proof, sam: more OS X x86 fixes
April 20, 2006
lib9p, libregexp, factotum, tar: silence 64-bit warnings (Andrey Mirtchovski)
libdraw, libmach, libmp, eqn, gzip, hoc, rio, tapefs, tbl, tpic: silence gcc warnings
libmp, libsec: use gcc -E instead of cpp on OS X [sic]; clean up assembly
libthread: start on OS X x86 version
lex, sam, samterm: import 64-bit safe version from Plan 9
venti: minor bug fixes (Mechiel Lukkien)
April 19, 2006
lib9p: avoid double-lock (Lucho Ionkov)
April 13, 2006
tpic: import
April 12, 2006
validateattachment: add bogus zip file in virus
venti: minor bug fixes (Mechiel Lukkien)
April 8, 2006
rc: add exitcode function; exit 123 exits with status 123 now.
upas/vf: import vf, create unvf, add mail/lib/validateattachment
April 6, 2006
lookman: remove reference to /fd/2
April 4, 2006
srv(4): add v9fs-based example
9c: give up on -ansi -pedantic with gcc
9l: look for libresolv.dylib on OS X (Anothy Sorace)
u.h: #defines to get strtoll on FreeBSD
libdraw: remove unused checksnarf
libthread: remove // comments in power-ucontext.h
April 1, 2006
9c: use -ansi and -pedantic with gcc
everything: remove many post-C90-isms.
9term: add more matching characters
snarfer: avoid primary selection
March 31, 2006
libdraw: fix X11 alpha bug
marshal: add UTF-in-subject code
tar: remove unnamed unions
March 30, 2006
9l: fix egrep bug
9term: handle grey fonts correctly
ndb: remove unnamed unions
tar: import from Plan 9
March 27, 2006
win: silence on Del
March 26, 2006
img: add important flushdisplay call (Erik Quanstrom)
March 23, 2006
snarfer: new program
March 22, 2006
libmp/386: do not store precious data below stack pointer
March 21, 2006
lib9p: call destroyfid in a more timely manner
acme: use $-free paths in Dump files (Peter Canning)
ssh-agent: fix various memory errors
March 19, 2006
9pclient(3): document new functions
jpg, gif, etc.: resize window to fit image (Erik Quanstrom)
man: add htmlroff(1), mhtml(7)
page (source code): various cleanup, still not working
rc: fix lexing overflow bug
resample: import from Plan 9
sam: fix usage
upas/smtp: be more lenient about \r
new postscript fonts DejaVu and Luxi families
- postscript/font: new files
- postscript/troff: Unicode maps
- troff/font/devutf: descriptions and metrics
- tmac/ use Luxi Sans in man pages
- tmac/tmac.s: .FP luxisans
- dist/troff: tools for importing new fonts
- troff2html: recognize new man fonts
- postscript/text2post: use DejaVu font
new license for bitmap fonts from B&H
- font/luc, font/lucsans: new directory names
- font/^(luc lucm lucsans pelm)^/NOTICE: distribution terms
- font/LICENSE: pointers to new terms
- LICENSE: pointer to new terms
- font/lucsans/*.font: use new luc name
- font/shinonome/*.font: use new luc name
- dist/main.html: acknowledge B&H
- acme, scat, venti/srv: use new names
March 12, 2006
libdraw: import new latin1 tables
label(1): fix typo (Georg Neis)
March 9, 2006
libdraw: new X11 snarf type for Synergy (Paul LaLonde)
possible flushimage to fix jpg (Erik Quanstrom)
March 7, 2006
acme Mail: seek to end of outgoing file
March 5, 2006
libmp: mptouv bug fix
March 3, 2006
lib9: change 9P2000.u Tcreate message
acme Mail: various updates
ndb: add subscript to tolower() call
upas: various cleanup
upas/nfs: use valid imap tag (Lou Kamenov)
March 2, 2006
lib9: avoid redefining sched_yield (Christian Pfeil)
February 28, 2006
libdraw: use Carbon pasteboard directly on OS X
upas/nfs: avoid reserved word 'isnumber'
snarfer: new command
February 27, 2006
acme Mail: new Delmesg argument
February 25, 2006
faces: locking mistakes (Erik Quanstrom)
nedmail: minor fixes (Erik Quanstrom)
tapefs: minor fixes (Erik Quanstrom)
February 24, 2006
ndb: dns clean up (Erik Quanstrom)
mkhdr, etc: use install not install -c
tapefs: import from Plan 9 (Erik Quanstrom)
February 23, 2006
upas: latest nfs
February 22, 2006
fortunes: import from Plan 9
February 21, 2006
acme: fix event buffer NUL-termination bug
htmlroff: import from Plan 9
February 20, 2006
lib9: add "dns" service to _p9dialparse
ndb: dns clean up (Erik Quanstrom)
February 19, 2006
wmail: use correct URL
February 18, 2006
lib9: sizeof socket fixes in getnetconn
upas: handle 09 in nfs imap
February 17, 2006
mpm: make build without libutf
ndb: dns clean up (Erik Quanstrom)
upas/nfs: add a.h
February 16, 2006
libthread: more sparc64 changes
February 15, 2006
jpg, etc: resize window to fit image (Erik Quanstrom)
ndb: dns clean up (Erik Quanstrom)
upas: add new upas/fs (in upas/nfs)
February 14, 2006
lib9p: correct memory overflow bug
libmach: pointer conversion fixes
libthread: more sparc64 changes
9c: adapt to ever-changing gcc error messages
9p: seek backward in rdwr
acid: better names
faces: better lookup
factotum: silence pointer conversion warnings
fmt: fix fmt -j again
gview: bigger line buffer
mpm: better UTF support
ndb: add root servers, remove unused functions
rc: shut up about signals during scripts
snoopy: fixes
tcs: better labels in listing
February 13, 2006
9l: more draw fixes, add -lresolv for ndb.
February 12, 2006
lib9: add exitcode
libthread: add procwait
upas: more clean up
mail: add tree
February 11, 2006
acme mail, faces: more changes
upas: clean up
February 10, 2006
libthread: more sparc64 changes
February 9, 2006
libmp, libthread: add sparc64
acme/mail: use new upas conventions
samterm: ignore SIGINT
February 8, 2006
lib9pclient: add fsprint
acme: add another chord fix
postscript/font: add NOTICE about location of lucida fonts
upas: clean up
February 7, 2006
libthread: add threadidle (experimental)
February 6, 2006
acme: add chord fix from Plan 9
eqn: silence printf warnings
February 5, 2006
lib9p: ignore doubled calls to respond; allow nil readstr (experimental)
libmach: silence warnings
libthread: add threadid
9p: add -n to ls; add rm and create
February 4, 2006
eqn: silence various warnings about printf formats
srv: put in new note group
February 2, 2006
lib9: attempt at more portable date handling
9pserve: correct offsets in 9P2000.u -> 9P2000 conversion
ndb/dns: fix fid handling
January 30, 2006
lib9pclient: add <thread.h> to 9pclient(3)
January 29, 2006
libndb: remove dependence on arpa headers
January 28, 2006
libdraw: allow freeimage(0) when screen==0
January 27, 2006
libndb: add dnsquery implemented via C library resolver
various: OpenBSD fixes
January 26, 2006
lib9pclient: add fsremove, fscreate, fsaccess
lib9p: handle 9P2000.u
libauth: handle auth_freerpc(nil).
libbio: document return value of Bprint, Bvprint
libdraw: nowsys fixes (Lou Kamenov)
9l: don't link with X11 if nowsys
auxstats: avoid nonportable vm_swapusage on OS X
rio: better build rules
January 18, 2006
9term: ignore SIGHUP
tcs: add more character sets
January 18, 2006
fmt: fix -j implementation
psv: add fonts to GS_FONTPATH
January 17, 2006
9term: start a "login" shell
January 16, 2006
include/fcall.h: sign fix
January 11, 2006
libframe: stop eating the edge of the frame
acme: various cleanup
January 7, 2006
lib9: try to accomodate FreeBSD 5 disk device numbers
vbackup: use bigger block size
January 6, 2006
9p: add "con" verb
lib9, eqn: use inttypes.h instead of not-so-stdint.h
December 31, 2005
libip: add routines for fetching ethernet, ip interfaces
December 30, 2005
libhtml: import changes from Plan 9
libmp: fix shifts, casts in mptov, mptouv
auxstats: FreeBSD tweak
eqn, grap: more 64-bit pointer fixes (Taj Khattra)
hget: attempt at making ftp work
install: split into two phases, document new installation
snoopy: add filter.y
vbackup: accomodate FreeBSD 6
vnfs: accept units on arguments
December 29, 2005
9term: fix paste in hold mode, use STACK
eqn, grap, lex, pic, troff: 64-bit fixes
page: no more case problems
lib9: correct array size in convD2M (Marco Gaddoni)
set qid.vers in _p9dir (Erik Quanstrom)
fmt 64-bit fixes - inttypes.h and uintptr.
libdraw: avoid nil freeimage (Lou Kamenov)
do not trust gcc to do nrv optimization (Taj Khattra)
libmp: add mpdigit cast (Taj Khattra)
libthread: more OpenBSD fixes (Tim Wiess)
libventi: consistent uvlong vs u64int
December 26, 2005
ndb: add dns
December 25, 2005
lib9: allow broadcast address in dial
libip: add alternate ethernet format in eipfmt
libndb: allow relative paths in database stanza
dhcpd: import from Plan 9
snoopy: import from Plan 9
tcs: add EILSEQ on OS X
December 21, 2005
acme: turn on auto-expanding window tags by default
December 18, 2005
yesterday: fix from Plan 9
December 17, 2005
tcs: don't redeclare errno
December 16, 2005
dist/moveplan9.files: more (Rafal Sulejman, Erik Quanstrom)
acme: integrate big tags into main branch (Paul Lalonde)
libdiskfs: avoid bad names on OS X
December 15, 2005
grap: remove getpid declaration (Bengt Kleberg)
December 14, 2005
dist/isum.awk: cope with Solaris
November 29, 2005
9term: set initial window size correctly
acidtypes, libmach: more demangling fixes
November 28, 2005
add install(1) as install.txt, add README
make INSTALL less chatty
remove Makefiles
acidtypes, libmach: demangling fixes
g: add .cs files (C#)
November 27, 2005
libmach: name mangling, process control
9c, 9l: shut up OpenBSD (Geoff Collyer)
9term, vbackup: OS X fixes
acid: name mangling, process control
acidtypes: name mangling, process control
auxstats: FreeBSD 6 fix (Lou Kamenov)
upas/fs: correct imap service name, use role=client
November 26, 2005
9term: add button 3 menu, fix \r
include: move utf.h, fmt.h from u.h to libc.h
dist: print summary w/ errors during INSTALL
November 25, 2005
root: add Makefile and configure for the blind,
rename NOTES to README
November 21, 2005
lib9, 9pserve, vac: 9P2000.u fixes (Lucho Ionkov)
November 15, 2005
libdraw: more X11 fixes
libc.h: sched_yield NetBSD tweak (Anselm Garbe)
November 12, 2005
faces: fix face location
jpg, strings: remove references to /fd/
November 12, 2005
various: X11 fixes
November 11, 2005
9term: more fixes (Tim Wiess)
November 10, 2005
9term: handle \r, other fixes (Tim Wiess)
auxstats: new Darwin tweaks
November 9, 2005
libthread: fix OS X context switch code
November 7, 2005
vbackup: various fixes
November 6, 2005
9term: new port directly from rio
include/libc.h: p9syslog, not syslog in varargck
libauthsrv: close fd, memory leak in authdial
libdraw: X11 debugging helps
lib9: add getcallerpc-arm (Ron Minnich)
auxstats: Fix FreeBSD 6 build (William Josephson)
November 4, 2005
stats: add -C to argchars (Lou Kamenov)
libthread: ARM fixes (Ron Minnich), getcontext fixes
November 2, 2005
vbackup: longer timeout on BSD mount
libthread: Linux ARM fixes (Ron Minnich)
November 1, 2005
various: ctype sign fixes (Tom Miller)
libfmt: avoid overflow on %f
libthread: Linux ARM fixes (Ron Minnich), FreeBSD 5 fixes
libventi: various cleanup
October 31, 2005
acme: preparation for multiline tags (Paul Lalonde)
bc: 64-bit safe (Taj Khattra)
faces: initial port (John Cummings)
stats: add -F option (Lou Kamenov)
various: ctype sign fixes (Tom Miller)
October 30, 2005
auxstats: more OS X fixes (Jeff Sickel)
October 29, 2005
9p: clunk fids before exiting
mk: handle MKSHELL type correctly
upas, acme mail: add initial port (John Cummings)
vbackup: silence compiler warnings
venti: silence compiler warnings
lib9: remove reference to ffork
print correct file name in truerand error
libdisk: add Disk routines
libdiskfs: silence compiler warnings
libframe: add noredraw flag
libhtml: many fixes
libsunrpc: silence compiler warnings
October 18, 2005
9l: add autoframework (like autolib) for OS X (Jeff Sickel)
page: use "9 file" always
ps, psu: narrower display
stats: better OS X support (Jeff Sickel)
October 17, 2005
cb: undef old type macros before redefining.
October 5, 2005
stats: better OS X support (Jeff Sickel)
September 30, 2005
libhtml: more &names and numbers (Erik Quanstrom)
September 29, 2005
libc.h: add #pragmas for varargck, #ifdef'ed out.
September 26, 2005
libthread: print thread info on SIGQUIT, SIGINFO, logging
acme: add more thread names
September 21, 2005
9term: fix SunOS typo (Bengt Kleberg, glaive)
September 19, 2005
libhtml: more &names (Erik Quanstrom)
September 19, 2005
lib9/truerand: OpenBSD lets you open /dev/random
but not read it! (Chad Dougherty, Mechiel Lukkien)
September 15, 2005
libdraw/x11-event: Ignore unexpected events (Rob Pike)
jpg: do not revert to CMAP for second file (Rob Pike)
September 13, 2005
9pserve: signedness bug
September 12, 2005
dist: various attempts at Debian packaging
lib/ allow specification of old directory
Getdir: interpret tags with $ in them
mpm: use g++ as LD, add to tmac directory
include/libc.h, fcall.h: add 9P2000.u extensions
9pserve: add 9P2000.u extensions
vac: add 9P2000.u extensions, signedness bug
September 9, 2005
lc: add -p like man page says
various: insert (uchar) casts for ctype arguments
for broken NetBSD.
September 4, 2005
dist/main.html: note x86 OpenBSD
August 31, 2005
file: spell IA-64 correctly (Zoltan Jarai)
August 30, 2005
dist/debian, dist/pkg: start playing with building packages
dist/isum: ignore 'loop not entered at top' (SunOS cc)
dist/ss.html: add screen shots
dist/unix.html: update VN license summary
9l: no need to handle OpenBSD specially
file: handle #! scripts, ELF better
font/lucidasans/bold*unicode.7.font: more subfonts
g: search .pl, .cgi
hget: add hget(1)
lp: add preliminary lp (not expected to work yet)
src: use Plan 9 file(1)
August 12, 2005
lib/moveplan9.files: add bin/stack
include/libc.h: use DM constants from v9fs, add DMTMP
libthread: add Linux-power-asm.s
cb: add
August 11, 2005
various: silence warnings
unix/*: note new BSD license from Vita Nuova
libdiskfs: add UFS2 support
libthread: add NetBSD power assembly
9term: send tty's current interrupt character on DEL keystroke
rc: add limited rfork command, make sure errors propagate
venti(8): document bloom line in config
vftp: add get command
vnfs: use strtoull for arguments instead of atoi.
August 10, 2005
src/cmd/mkfile: do not build lp yet
dist/addsrclinks, fixurls: use /usr/bin/env perl to find perl (NetBSD)
lib9/_p9dir: avoid 32-bit overflow in old Linux size calculation
lib9/truerand: use /dev/srandom on OpenBSD
libthread: annoying wrappers for OpenBSD
libmp: different assembly comments for old GNU as
9p: set exit status
file: add, appease gcc
getflags: added
mk: decide mtime-related race conservatively
postscript/text2post: added
rcmain: make fn cd safer for use with rc -e (in mk)
rio: turn off debugging prints, remove, fixes from Andrey
vbackup: NetBSD fixes for mount-BSD.c
venti/srv: add <sys/stat.h> header for FreeBSD
July 28, 2005
acme: subtle winunlock bug fix
libdiskfs: fix double, triple indirect block reading for FFS
vftp: new program
vbackup: coalesce mount-*BSD files.
July 27, 2005
include/u.h, src/libthread/thread.c: SunOS 10 attempt
libdraw: less graceful, less raceful shutdown
libthread: avoid C library races during threadexitsall
awd: cannot use hostname -s on SunOS
9pserve, srv: use correct type for NOFID
July 26, 2005
various: fixes for SunOS from Bengt Kleberg
July 25, 2005
vac: avoid infinite redirection while sniffing type of archive
July 24, 2005
venti: many minor changes, updates
libdraw/init.c: start with white screen instead of black
man: update venti-fcall(3), venti(8), venti-fmt(8)
July 22, 2005
lib/ better error handling if cleanname doesn't exist/work.
9c: do not try to process stdout, so that 9c -E works on gcc machines.
tar: remove anonymous structs/unions.
vbackup: bigger stack (oops)
July 19-22, 2005
add OpenBSD x86 support. many thanks to Tim Wiess.
July 21, 2005
9term, win: ignore window size change signals while forking shell
dist: update main.html
July 20, 2005
src/mkfile: unbugger libhttpd for venti
July 19, 2005
dist/*: use "9 rc" instead of just rc to avoid getting
/usr/local/bin/rc on systems with byron's rc installed.
(matters because of byron's gratuitous "if not" vs. "else" change.)
include/u.h: include <inttypes.h> to try to get fixed-size types
venti: update part.c to work on freebsd
vmount: default to vmount0, do not try to add udp! and !12049.
man: update intro(1), hist(1), venti-file(3)
various: pedantry from gcc 4.0, most of it unnecessary
July 18, 2005
dict/README: change to use hget
page: handle troff intermediate output
man: add hget(1), keyboard(7), and listen1(8); edit vbackup(8)
src/cmd/mkfile: mark secstore as buggered, it's in auth/secstore now
(cvs isn't good at making sure directories go away)
unbugger venti
venti: fix usage message
July 17, 2005
9term: better(?) CR handling
post9p: announce to networks
vmount: change default handle
July 15, 2005
dist/isum: work around grep stupidity
July 14, 2005
rc: ignore window size change signals
man: remove venti.conf(7) -- now in venti(8)
July 12-13, 2005
various: placate gcc-4.0 on OS X.
src/Makefile: try to use system binaries in path
src/mkhdr: remove X11 guess
src/mkdirs: add $MKFLAGS to recursive mk
src/ update
lib9/announce: cannot use unix as variable name
lib9/malloc: locks around all the malloc routines.
old Linux libc cannot be trusted. maybe other
systems. paranoia rules the day.
lib9/sendfd: add macros for systems without (Sun)
lib9pclient: better error messages
libdiskfs: new library
libdraw: crash less when display == nil.
look in more places for X11.
make nowsys-mouse and nowsys-keyboard compile.
handle freeing of subfonts correctly.
drop and _x.white.
libmux: better error messages
libsunrpc: remove some c++ comments
libventi: new and improved, now with manual pages
9l: silence nm errors during autolib
9term: hold mode even in raw mode (suggested by James Robinson)
acme: various needed casts
exit gracefully on error
dict: no more wide characters
diff: use +/- instead of </> in diff -c
grap: remove unused symtab
hget: remove [] in array initializers
listen1: added
ls: cannot use global named "dirbuf"
man: sort pages correctly, handle troff correctly.
nroff: invoke plan 9 troff
rc: sun stupidity
rio: clean up code, attempt at keyboard-based window switching
ssh-agent: needed cast
vac: fix call to vtfilecreate.
vbackup: new file system backup program
with dump-like access interface.
venti: it returns, now with manual pages
June 22, 2005
libmach/dwarfdump: avoid bogus <nil> in path (thanks to William Josephson)
May 19, 2005
lib9/encodefmt: handle precision==0 better
libsunrpc: various fixes
rc: set $PLAN9 at startup if necessary
May 12, 2005
font: add new japanese fonts
include/sunrpc.h: add autolib
include/utf.h: change Runeerror
libsec/386: change labels in assembly to get
better function name boundaries in oprofile
libventi: add vtlognames
May 7, 2005
various: remove long character constants.
various: use full prototypes everywhere
dist/checkman.awk: ignore sftp(1)
include/u.h: preliminary OS X Tiger changes
lib9/_p9dialparse: set p9unix always
libip/udp: try to do better with headers
srv: check return value of auth_proxy correctly
web: fixes (thanks to Scott Schwartz)
May 2, 2005
libdraw/x11-itrans: correct snarf race (reported by Karl Sackett)
acme: row load/dump consistency fix (thanks to Peter Canning)
include/u.h: workaround for old gcc
May 1, 2005
lib9/await: Mac OS X Tiger fixes (thanks to Jeff Sickel)
lib9/sendfd: fix alignment bug (thanks to Tim Wiess)
libdraw/latin1: more smiley face alt sequences (thanks to Erik Quanstrom)
9term: unicode in identifiers for double-click (thanks to Erik Quanstrom)
scat: various fixes to use standard C (thanks to Roland Kaufmann)
add OpenBSD/PowerPC support (thanks to Tim Wiess)
March 28, 2005
open(3): note that open and create are macros
add NetBSD support (thanks to Christoph Lohmann)
March 24, 2005
netfiles: robustness fixes
sftpcache: robustness fixes
March 23, 2005
acme: fix Edit filename bug, elogapply warnings
March 21, 2005
ndb/local: fix name of bell labs auth domain
9fs: use srv -a
9pserve: add -A, -M options
netfiles: work harder to generate expansion texts
add sftpcache
srv: add -a option
March 20, 2005
acme: fix q1 computation bug in expandfile
factotum: fix race
netfiles: use sftp -b /dev/stdin, various fixes
March 18, 2005
cmd/mkfile: explicitly ignore deleted factotum (now in auth)
dist/addsrclinks: bug fix
dist/isum: ignore cp in netfiles directory
dist/main.html: add link to 9pm
font: add boldtypunicode.7.font
man: update INDEX files
tmac/tmac.anhtml: set HT to 1 when generating HTML
lib9: better errors for create and open when lock fails
notify: ignore TTIN, TTOU
libdraw: init with window atop image
libplumb: tweaks
libthread: add threaddata, fix Alt declaration
document NPTL brokenness
9c, 9l: even quieter
9fs: new command
9p: add ls command
9pserve: ignore tstp; consult $verbose9pserve
acid: use %#x in acid/port
acme: typing bug fix, ^A, ^E
colors: add flushimage
cvs: document how to make cvs -q the default
E: print file name in case plumb fails
g: allow -- to end options
search more file extensions
hget: new command (no ftp support)
Netfiles: new command
plumb: add -9 for debugging
png: better png reading
rand: document what to do if SunOS missing /dev/random
rc: lex bug
do not print on sigpipe
try harder to background async jobs
allow rc -l without -i
sam: bug fix from plan 9
samterm: ^A, ^E
small cleanup
ssh-agent: change to use fixed name
src: bug fix
srv: new command
tcs: silence gcc warning
March 15, 2005
u.h: change nil to unadorned 0 on sunos
lib9pclient: fix ptr arith in fswrite
libdraw: fix syntax errors in nowsys*.c
libauth, libsunrpc: do not set PLAN9 in mkfile
9term: add signal.h for sunos
factotum: drop .= initializers for sunos
vac: tweak for sunos
March 14, 2005
acme: add $foo names as -$
March 9, 2005
tcs: bring in plan 9 code
March 8, 2005
fortunes: more fortunes
March 6, 2005
u, u.rc: new script
fortunes: more fortunes
March 5, 2005
win: don't give up when it gets confused
March 4, 2005
lib9p: make chatty9p an extern int (mac)
March 1, 2005
9pclient: preserve error in fsopen
handle offset correctly in fswrite
February 28, 2005
rcmain: extra awd to initialize 9term
psv: use new --options when necessary
February 22, 2005
makefiles: set $OBJTYPE to x86_64 on FreeBSD amd64 systems
February 21, 2005
unzip: create paths as necessary
February 20, 2005
vac: fix from lucho
February 18, 2005
vac: fix -d from lucho
February 17, 2005
yacc: silence yyerrlab warning
February 16, 2005
libhttpd: make hwrite work with chunked encoding
libthread: debugging assertion
9c: be even quieter
venti: add acid/venti - routines to dump log buffers
February 15, 2005
draw.h: add ABGR32
venti.h: add ventilogging, vtlognames
libauth: close afid in auth_freerpc
libthread: fix unlikely qlock bug
acme: ignore tty nodes; still not 100% right
png: add alpha writing support
dist: new glenda in circle logo
February 14, 2005
add source links to man pages
yacc: make yaccpars more like yaccpar
add optional argument to yyparse
February 13, 2005
lib9: add readcons(1)
add laddr, raddr to Netconninfo (see dial(3))
support local address in dial for tcp and udp
bug fix in fcallfmt
libauth: allow parseattr(nil)
libmp: add %lB for lower case
libsec: add x509 dsa routines
libthread: work around stupid linux 2.6 ps-gdb-/proc bug
libventi: new logging, use new nci
auth: move secstore, factotum into auth directory
add asn1, dsa, rsa pem routines
factotum: add rsa signatures, dsa, pass, wep, httpdigest, ...
more info in man page
rc: bug fix regarding /dev/stdin from Christoph Lohmann
secstore: add ipso
secstored: avoid zombie army of evil
ssh-agent: add
9p: bigger buffers, add rdwr verb
9c: more silencing of gcc
create log, secstore directories in $PLAN9
February 12, 2005
9c: silence gcc chatter
February 11, 2005
dist: fix regexp license in unix.html
add link to license on main page
lib9: add list of plan 9 services to _p9dialparse,
add OAPPEND for create and open,
format \0 as printable in fcallfmt,
add netcrypt, readcons, syslog
lib9p: fix tpost, call srv->start
lib9pclient: add chatty9pclient
libauth: add fsamount, nsamount, authdial ndb.
libmach: use %#x explicitly
libndb: add
libsec: use new auth_allocrpc in tlshand
libthread: add threadgetname prototype
9l: fix libsec/lib9 cycle thanks to netcrypt
9p: use nsamount, fsamount; add write -l
9pserve: quieter, auth bug fix
9term: treat _ as word character
acid: do not set %# implicitly anymore
add simple pthread support via acid code
set corpid
acme: bug fix in Tauth handler
dial: send input to net instead of back to 0
dict: ahd path
factotum: make it run and work, add secstore
remove top-level factotum directory
rc: set p->pid=-1 explicitly to avoid wait problems
psv: add print buttons
secstored, secuser: add
tar: add
February 10, 2005
libmach: abortive attempt at pthread support via libthread_db
February 8, 2005
lib9: don't fiddle with signal masks by default
fix typo in notify(3)
add DMSYMLINK etc. bits
add crypt (lucho)
lib9p*: many fixes (lucho)
libauth*: many fixes (lucho)
libdraw: avoid yet another X11 stack overflow in cursorset
(FC3, reported by Abhey Shah)
libhttpd: do not assign va_list in hio.c (lucho)
libthread: remove debugging >xx in mkfile
9l: add FreeBSD 5.2 support w/ -lkse (Sah)
9l, 9term: patches to run on SunOS 5.8 from Axel B.
9term: try to handle DEL better
document bash/readline brokenness in 9term(1) BUGS
fix paste bug
vac: avoid special files
February 3, 2005
libthread: silence gcc warning in pthread.c
February 2, 2005
INSTALL: add use of LOCAL.config
libdraw: add nowsys implementation
mk: silence archive warning if ~ $file *.a.
February 1, 2005
lc: use 9 mc not linux mc.
January 31, 2005
db(1): add stack to name list
January 30, 2005
cmd/mkfile: lex files
unix: add ranlib to unix makefiles for mac
libmux: fix non-zero mintag handling (thanks to lucho)
libthread: osprocid now int not uint (can be -1)
9term, awd, win: handle sysnames in labels
acme: document -a, Indent
add errors file
core: do not readdir files (thanks to zoltan jarai)
delatex: make it better
diff: document -a
factotum: silence chap warning
sam: chording disabled - causes lockups
topng: use simpler graphics format
January 29, 2005
diff: add -a
January 28, 2005
lib9pclient: zero offset, mode, qid on fid alloc.
January 27, 2005
sky: remove here; add here.sample instead, so that
local changes to here are not clobbered.
acme: remove print, fix addr handling, check fid in use.
fix rowdump bug; cope with unix ORCLOSE
sam: add -a (autoindent) and chording
January 26, 2005
diff: add -c
January 25, 2005
libdraw: finally fix winsize @x,y handling
January 23, 2005
dist: bug fixes to download.html and unix.html
January 23, 2005
suse X bug - need bigger stacks
add searchpath(3)
work on libmach + elf core dumps + threads + registers
change db to use libmach cmdline interface
add stack (see db(1))
s/ulong/unsigned long/ for unix mk; other makefile bugs
rename scheduler to procscheduler in libthread so libmach can identify it
add isum to install(1)
work around searchpath in rc; add to intro(1)
volatile int quiet in db
January 22, 2005
redirect debugging output of isnptl in INSTALL
set SYSVERSION to 2.6.x instead of 2.6 in linux INSTALL
to appease other pieces of the build.
January 21, 2005
s/mdir/mkdir/ in unix regexp makefile
better isnptl
arg count in auxclog
January 20, 2005
add core(1) man page
fix exit race in samterm
January 19, 2005
continued x86-64 support
bug fix to 9c on sunos - __${s}__ not __$s__
avoid c99 extensions in cmapcube and vacfs
do not name functions shutdown on mac os x
add dist/isum
include errno.h in eqn/e.h
use 9 yacc to build rc
January 18, 2005
avoid closing -1 in lib9pclient
continued x86-64 support
January 18, 2005
make src/libthread/pthread.c compile
add threadspawnl, fsseek.
add link to web interface in cvs(1).
remove hard-coded path in fixurls
preliminary x86-64 support
explain nptl in src/libthread/README.Linux
libventi bug fixes
add threadgetname to libthread
bigger chunking in sort(1)
bug fix in acid
extract command line from elf cores
initial core(1) command
fix race in libthread proccreate
do not use -Wl,-rpath on Darwin
do not translate man pages in lib/
January 17, 2005
thread.c tries to warn about bad pthreads on Linux
vacfs posts vacfs.basename
fix nil deref in acid
change 9c, 9l to detect nptl properly (not relying on running kernel version)
change psu to use 9 ps
do not call exits in threaded programs
January 16, 2005
bring fds from daemonize down to high 20s from high 90s for NetBSD.
use -Wl,-rpath in gcc in 9l for NetBSD.
make vacfs work (patch from Lucho)
make vacfs use EARGF
add note about signal masks in TODO
(Taj Khattra notes that acme doesn't ^Z well)
add note about and _x.white in TODO
(noted by David Leimbach)
remove unixisms from dist/fixurls
fix bugs in dist/main.html
noteenable, notedisable, notifyon, notifyoff return old setting.
update manual indices
troff2html handles section (9p).
add note in libthread/thread.c about stack-based pthreads
make's .HR better
tweaks to unix mkfiles
January 15, 2005
tcolors now uses threadexitsall
syminit bug in mk. (why does syminit exist?)
January 14, 2005
man page updates - fixurls, manweb, rio.1, cvs.1, 0intro.1.
add note about makecontext to TODO file (noted by Axel)
January 12, 2005
First fully-documented release.