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// Sparc support
defn acidinit() // Called after all the init modules are loaded
bplist = {};
bpfmt = 'X';
srcpath = {
srcfiles = {}; // list of loaded files
srctext = {}; // the text of the files
defn stk() // trace
_stk(*PC, *R1, linkreg(0), 0);
defn lstk() // trace with locals
_stk(*PC, *R1, linkreg(0), 1);
defn gpr() // print general purpose registers
print("R1\t", *R1, "R2\t", *R2, "R3\t", *R3, "\n");
print("R4\t", *R4, "R5\t", *R5, "R6\t", *R6, "\n");
print("R7\t", *R7, "R8\t", *R8, "R9\t", *R9, "\n");
print("R10\t", *R10, "R11\t", *R11, "R12\t", *R12, "\n");
print("R13\t", *R13, "R14\t", *R14, "R15\t", *R15, "\n");
print("R16\t", *R16, "R17\t", *R17, "R18\t", *R18, "\n");
print("R19\t", *R19, "R20\t", *R20, "R21\t", *R21, "\n");
print("R22\t", *R22, "R23\t", *R23, "R24\t", *R24, "\n");
print("R25\t", *R25, "R26\t", *R26, "R27\t", *R27, "\n");
print("R28\t", *R28, "R29\t", *R29, "R30\t", *R30, "\n");
print("R31\t", *R31, "\n");
defn spr() // print special processor registers
local pc;
local link;
local cause;
pc = *PC;
print("PC\t", pc, " ", fmt(pc, 'a'), " ");
print("PSR\t", *PSR, "\n");
link = *R15;
print("SP\t", *R1, "\tLINK\t\t", link, " ", fmt(link, 'a'));
cause = *TBR;
print("Y\t", *Y, "\tCAUSE\t", *Y, cause, " ", reason(cause), "\n");
defn Fpr()
print("F0\t", *fmt(F0, 'G'), "\tF2\t", *fmt(F2, 'G'), "\n");
print("F4\t", *fmt(F4, 'G'), "\tF6\t", *fmt(F6, 'G'), "\n");
print("F8\t", *fmt(F8, 'G'), "\tF10\t", *fmt(F10, 'G'), "\n");
print("F12\t", *fmt(F12, 'G'), "\tF14\t", *fmt(F14, 'G'), "\n");
print("F16\t", *fmt(F16, 'G'), "\tF18\t", *fmt(F18, 'G'), "\n");
print("F20\t", *fmt(F20, 'G'), "\tF22\t", *fmt(F22, 'G'), "\n");
print("F24\t", *fmt(F24, 'G'), "\tF26\t", *fmt(F26, 'G'), "\n");
print("F28\t", *fmt(F28, 'G'), "\tF30\t", *fmt(F30, 'G'), "\n");
defn fpr()
print("F0\t", *fmt(F0, 'g'), "\tF1\t", *fmt(F1, 'g'), "\n");
print("F2\t", *fmt(F2, 'g'), "\tF3\t", *fmt(F3, 'g'), "\n");
print("F4\t", *fmt(F4, 'g'), "\tF5\t", *fmt(F5, 'g'), "\n");
print("F6\t", *fmt(F6, 'g'), "\tF7\t", *fmt(F7, 'g'), "\n");
print("F8\t", *fmt(F8, 'g'), "\tF9\t", *fmt(F9, 'g'), "\n");
print("F10\t", *fmt(F10, 'g'), "\tF11\t", *fmt(F11, 'g'), "\n");
print("F12\t", *fmt(F12, 'g'), "\tF13\t", *fmt(F13, 'g'), "\n");
print("F14\t", *fmt(F14, 'g'), "\tF15\t", *fmt(F15, 'g'), "\n");
print("F16\t", *fmt(F16, 'g'), "\tF17\t", *fmt(F17, 'g'), "\n");
print("F18\t", *fmt(F18, 'g'), "\tF19\t", *fmt(F19, 'g'), "\n");
print("F20\t", *fmt(F20, 'g'), "\tF21\t", *fmt(F21, 'g'), "\n");
print("F22\t", *fmt(F22, 'g'), "\tF23\t", *fmt(F23, 'g'), "\n");
print("F24\t", *fmt(F24, 'g'), "\tF25\t", *fmt(F25, 'g'), "\n");
print("F26\t", *fmt(F26, 'g'), "\tF27\t", *fmt(F27, 'g'), "\n");
print("F28\t", *fmt(F28, 'g'), "\tF29\t", *fmt(F29, 'g'), "\n");
print("F30\t", *fmt(F30, 'g'), "\tF31\t", *fmt(F31, 'g'), "\n");
defn regs() // print all registers
defn pstop(pid)
local l;
local pc;
pc = *PC;
print(pid,": ", reason(*TBR), "\t");
print(fmt(pc, 'a'), "\t", fmt(pc, 'i'), "\n");
if notes then {
if notes[0] != "sys: breakpoint" then {
print("Notes pending:\n");
l = notes;
while l do {
print("\t", head l, "\n");
l = tail l;
aggr Ureg
'U' 0 r0;
'U' 4 sp;
'U' 4 usp;
'U' 4 r1;
'U' 8 r2;
'U' 12 r3;
'U' 16 r4;
'U' 20 r5;
'U' 24 r6;
'U' 28 r7;
'U' 32 r8;
'U' 36 r9;
'U' 40 r10;
'U' 44 r11;
'U' 48 r12;
'U' 52 r13;
'U' 56 r14;
'U' 60 r15;
'U' 64 r16;
'U' 68 r17;
'U' 72 r18;
'U' 76 r19;
'U' 80 r20;
'U' 84 r21;
'U' 88 r22;
'U' 92 r23;
'U' 96 r24;
'U' 100 r25;
'U' 104 r26;
'U' 108 r27;
'U' 112 r28;
'U' 116 r29;
'U' 120 r30;
'U' 124 r31;
'U' 128 y;
'U' 132 tbr;
'U' 136 psr;
'U' 140 npc;
'U' 144 pc;
'U' 148 pad;
Ureg(addr) {
complex Ureg addr;
print(" r0 ", addr.r0, "\n");
print(" sp ", addr.sp, "\n");
print(" r2 ", addr.r2, "\n");
print(" r3 ", addr.r3, "\n");
print(" r4 ", addr.r4, "\n");
print(" r5 ", addr.r5, "\n");
print(" r6 ", addr.r6, "\n");
print(" r7 ", addr.r7, "\n");
print(" r8 ", addr.r8, "\n");
print(" r9 ", addr.r9, "\n");
print(" r10 ", addr.r10, "\n");
print(" r11 ", addr.r11, "\n");
print(" r12 ", addr.r12, "\n");
print(" r13 ", addr.r13, "\n");
print(" r14 ", addr.r14, "\n");
print(" r15 ", addr.r15, "\n");
print(" r16 ", addr.r16, "\n");
print(" r17 ", addr.r17, "\n");
print(" r18 ", addr.r18, "\n");
print(" r19 ", addr.r19, "\n");
print(" r20 ", addr.r20, "\n");
print(" r21 ", addr.r21, "\n");
print(" r22 ", addr.r22, "\n");
print(" r23 ", addr.r23, "\n");
print(" r24 ", addr.r24, "\n");
print(" r25 ", addr.r25, "\n");
print(" r26 ", addr.r26, "\n");
print(" r27 ", addr.r27, "\n");
print(" r28 ", addr.r28, "\n");
print(" r29 ", addr.r29, "\n");
print(" r30 ", addr.r30, "\n");
print(" r31 ", addr.r31, "\n");
print(" y ", addr.y, "\n");
print(" tbr ", addr.tbr, "\n");
print(" psr ", addr.psr, "\n");
print(" npc ", addr.npc, "\n");
print(" pc ", addr.pc, "\n");
print(" pad ", addr.pad, "\n");
defn linkreg(addr)
complex Ureg addr;
return addr.r15\X;