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#ifndef _MUX_H_
#define _MUX_H_ 1
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
typedef struct Mux Mux;
typedef struct Muxrpc Muxrpc;
typedef struct Muxqueue Muxqueue;
struct Muxrpc
Mux *mux;
Muxrpc *next;
Muxrpc *prev;
Rendez r;
uint tag;
void *p;
int waiting;
int async;
struct Mux
uint mintag; /* to be filled by client */
uint maxtag;
int (*send)(Mux*, void*);
void *(*recv)(Mux*);
int (*nbrecv)(Mux*, void**);
int (*gettag)(Mux*, void*);
int (*settag)(Mux*, void*, uint);
void *aux; /* for private use by client */
/* private */
QLock lk; /* must be first for muxinit */
QLock inlk;
QLock outlk;
Rendez tagrend;
Rendez rpcfork;
Muxqueue *readq;
Muxqueue *writeq;
uint nwait;
uint mwait;
uint freetag;
Muxrpc **wait;
Muxrpc *muxer;
Muxrpc sleep;
void muxinit(Mux*);
void* muxrpc(Mux*, void*);
void muxprocs(Mux*);
Muxrpc* muxrpcstart(Mux*, void*);
int muxrpccanfinish(Muxrpc*, void**);
/* private */
int _muxsend(Mux*, void*);
int _muxrecv(Mux*, int, void**);
void _muxsendproc(void*);
void _muxrecvproc(void*);
Muxqueue *_muxqalloc(void);
int _muxqsend(Muxqueue*, void*);
void *_muxqrecv(Muxqueue*);
void _muxqhangup(Muxqueue*);
int _muxnbqrecv(Muxqueue*, void**);
#if defined(__cplusplus)