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#ifndef _HTTPD_H_
#define _HTTPD_H_ 1
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
#pragma lib "libhttpd.a"
#pragma src "/sys/src/libhttpd"
typedef struct HConnect HConnect;
typedef struct HContent HContent;
typedef struct HContents HContents;
typedef struct HETag HETag;
typedef struct HFields HFields;
typedef struct Hio Hio;
typedef struct Htmlesc Htmlesc;
typedef struct HttpHead HttpHead;
typedef struct HttpReq HttpReq;
typedef struct HRange HRange;
typedef struct HSPairs HSPairs;
#ifndef _HAVE_BIN
typedef struct Bin Bin;
#define _HAVE_BIN
HMaxWord = 32*1024,
HBufSize = 32*1024,
* error messages
HInternal = 0,
* table of html character escape codes
struct Htmlesc
char *name;
Rune value;
struct HContent
HContent *next;
char *generic;
char *specific;
float q; /* desirability of this kind of file */
int mxb; /* max uchars until worthless */
struct HContents
HContent *type;
HContent *encoding;
* generic http header with a list of tokens,
* each with an optional list of parameters
struct HFields
char *s;
HSPairs *params;
HFields *next;
* list of pairs a strings
* used for tag=val pairs for a search or form submission,
* and attribute=value pairs in headers.
struct HSPairs
char *s;
char *t;
HSPairs *next;
* byte ranges within a file
struct HRange
int suffix; /* is this a suffix request? */
ulong start;
ulong stop; /* ~0UL -> not given */
HRange *next;
* list of http/1.1 entity tags
struct HETag
char *etag;
int weak;
HETag *next;
* HTTP custom IO
* supports chunked transfer encoding
* and initialization of the input buffer from a string.
Hsize = HBufSize
struct Hio {
Hio *hh; /* next lower layer Hio, or nil if reads from fd */
int fd; /* associated file descriptor */
ulong seek; /* of start */
uchar state; /* state of the file */
uchar xferenc; /* chunked transfer encoding state */
uchar *pos; /* current position in the buffer */
uchar *stop; /* last character active in the buffer */
uchar *start; /* start of data buffer */
ulong bodylen; /* remaining length of message body */
uchar buf[Hsize+32];
* request line
struct HttpReq
char *meth;
char *uri;
char *urihost;
char *search;
int vermaj;
int vermin;
HSPairs *searchpairs;
* header lines
struct HttpHead
int closeit; /* http1.1 close connection after this request? */
uchar persist; /* http/1.1 requests a persistent connection */
uchar expectcont; /* expect a 100-continue */
uchar expectother; /* expect anything else; should reject with ExpectFail */
ulong contlen; /* if != ~0UL, length of included message body */
HFields *transenc; /* if present, encoding of included message body */
char *client;
char *host;
HContent *okencode;
HContent *oklang;
HContent *oktype;
HContent *okchar;
ulong ifmodsince;
ulong ifunmodsince;
ulong ifrangedate;
HETag *ifmatch;
HETag *ifnomatch;
HETag *ifrangeetag;
HRange *range;
char *authuser; /* authorization info */
char *authpass;
* experimental headers
int fresh_thresh;
int fresh_have;
* all of the state for a particular connection
struct HConnect
void *private; /* for the library clients */
void (*replog)(HConnect*, char*, ...); /* called when reply sent */
HttpReq req;
HttpHead head;
Bin *bin;
ulong reqtime; /* time at start of request */
char xferbuf[HBufSize]; /* buffer for making up or transferring data */
uchar header[HBufSize + 2]; /* room for \n\0 */
uchar *hpos;
uchar *hstop;
Hio hin;
Hio hout;
* configuration for all connections within the server
extern char* hmydomain;
extern char* hversion;
extern Htmlesc htmlesc[];
* .+2,/^$/ | sort -bd +1
void *halloc(HConnect *c, ulong size);
Hio *hbodypush(Hio *hh, ulong len, HFields *te);
int hbuflen(Hio *h, void *p);
int hcheckcontent(HContent*, HContent*, char*, int);
void hclose(Hio*);
ulong hdate2sec(char*);
int hdatefmt(Fmt*);
int hfail(HConnect*, int, ...);
int hflush(Hio*);
int hlflush(Hio*);
int hgetc(Hio*);
int hgethead(HConnect *c, int many);
int hinit(Hio*, int, int);
int hiserror(Hio *h);
int hload(Hio*, char*);
char *hlower(char*);
HContent *hmkcontent(HConnect *c, char *generic, char *specific, HContent *next);
HFields *hmkhfields(HConnect *c, char *s, HSPairs *p, HFields *next);
char *hmkmimeboundary(HConnect *c);
HSPairs *hmkspairs(HConnect *c, char *s, char *t, HSPairs *next);
int hmoved(HConnect *c, char *uri);
void hokheaders(HConnect *c);
int hparseheaders(HConnect*, int timeout);
HSPairs *hparsequery(HConnect *c, char *search);
int hparsereq(HConnect *c, int timeout);
int hprint(Hio*, char*, ...);
int hputc(Hio*, int);
void *hreadbuf(Hio *h, void *vsave);
int hredirected(HConnect *c, char *how, char *uri);
void hreqcleanup(HConnect *c);
HFields *hrevhfields(HFields *hf);
HSPairs *hrevspairs(HSPairs *sp);
char *hstrdup(HConnect *c, char *s);
int http11(HConnect*);
int httpfmt(Fmt*);
char *httpunesc(HConnect *c, char *s);
int hunallowed(HConnect *, char *allowed);
int hungetc(Hio *h);
char *hunload(Hio*);
int hurlfmt(Fmt*);
char *hurlunesc(HConnect *c, char *s);
int hwrite(Hio*, void*, int);
int hxferenc(Hio*, int);
#pragma varargck argpos hprint 2
* D is httpd format date conversion
* U is url escape convertsion
* H is html escape conversion
#pragma varargck type "D" long
#pragma varargck type "D" ulong
#pragma varargck type "U" char*
#pragma varargck type "H" char*
#if defined(__cplusplus)