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#ifndef __AUTH_H__
#define __AUTH_H__ 1
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#pragma src "/sys/src/libauth"
#pragma lib "libauth.a"
* Interface for typical callers.
typedef struct AuthInfo AuthInfo;
typedef struct Chalstate Chalstate;
typedef struct Chapreply Chapreply;
typedef struct MSchapreply MSchapreply;
typedef struct UserPasswd UserPasswd;
typedef struct AuthRpc AuthRpc;
struct CFid;
MAXCHLEN= 256, /* max challenge length */
MAXNAMELEN= 256, /* maximum name length */
MD5LEN= 16,
ARok = 0, /* rpc return values */
AuthRpcMax = 4096
struct AuthRpc
int afd;
struct CFid *afid;
char ibuf[AuthRpcMax];
char obuf[AuthRpcMax];
char *arg;
uint narg;
struct AuthInfo
char *cuid; /* caller id */
char *suid; /* server id */
char *cap; /* capability (only valid on server side) */
int nsecret; /* length of secret */
uchar *secret; /* secret */
struct Chalstate
char *user;
char chal[MAXCHLEN];
int nchal;
void *resp;
int nresp;
/* for implementation only */
AuthRpc *rpc; /* to factotum */
char userbuf[MAXNAMELEN]; /* temp space if needed */
int userinchal; /* user was sent to obtain challenge */
struct Chapreply /* for protocol "chap" */
uchar id;
char resp[MD5LEN];
struct MSchapreply /* for protocol "mschap" */
char LMresp[24]; /* Lan Manager response */
char NTresp[24]; /* NT response */
struct UserPasswd
char *user;
char *passwd;
extern int newns(char*, char*);
extern int addns(char*, char*);
extern int noworld(char*);
extern int amount(int, char*, int, char*);
/* these two may get generalized away -rsc */
extern int login(char*, char*, char*);
extern int httpauth(char*, char*);
typedef struct Attr Attr;
enum {
AttrNameval, /* name=val -- when matching, must have name=val */
AttrQuery, /* name? -- when matching, must be present */
AttrDefault /* name:=val -- when matching, if present must match INTERNAL */
struct Attr
int type;
Attr *next;
char *name;
char *val;
typedef int AuthGetkey(char*);
int _attrfmt(Fmt*);
Attr *_copyattr(Attr*);
Attr *_delattr(Attr*, char*);
Attr *_findattr(Attr*, char*);
void _freeattr(Attr*);
Attr *_mkattr(int, char*, char*, Attr*);
Attr *_parseattr(char*);
char *_strfindattr(Attr*, char*);
#pragma varargck type "A" Attr*
extern AuthInfo* fauth_proxy(int, AuthRpc *rpc, AuthGetkey *getkey, char *params);
extern AuthInfo* auth_proxy(int fd, AuthGetkey *getkey, char *fmt, ...);
extern AuthInfo* fsfauth_proxy(struct CFid*, AuthRpc *rpc, AuthGetkey *getkey, char *params);
extern AuthInfo* fsauth_proxy(struct CFid*, AuthGetkey *getkey, char *fmt, ...);
extern int auth_getkey(char*);
extern int (*amount_getkey)(char*);
extern void auth_freeAI(AuthInfo *ai);
extern int auth_chuid(AuthInfo *ai, char *ns);
extern Chalstate *auth_challenge(char*, ...);
extern AuthInfo* auth_response(Chalstate*);
extern int auth_respond(void*, uint, char*, uint, void*, uint, AuthGetkey *getkey, char*, ...);
extern void auth_freechal(Chalstate*);
extern AuthInfo* auth_userpasswd(char *user, char *passwd);
extern UserPasswd* auth_getuserpasswd(AuthGetkey *getkey, char*, ...);
extern AuthInfo* auth_getinfo(AuthRpc *rpc);
extern AuthRpc* auth_allocrpc(void);
extern Attr* auth_attr(AuthRpc *rpc);
extern void auth_freerpc(AuthRpc *rpc);
extern uint auth_rpc(AuthRpc *rpc, char *verb, void *a, int n);
extern int auth_wep(char*, char*, ...);
extern struct CFsys* fsamount(int fd, char *aname);
extern struct CFsys* nsamount(char *name, char *aname);
#pragma varargck argpos auth_proxy 3
#pragma varargck argpos auth_challenge 1
#pragma varargck argpos auth_respond 3
#pragma varargck argpos auth_getuserpasswd 2
#ifdef __cplusplus