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#ifndef __9P_H__
#define __9P_H__ 1
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#pragma src "/sys/src/lib9p"
#pragma lib "lib9p.a"
* Maps from ulongs to void*s.
typedef struct Intmap Intmap;
Intmap* allocmap(void (*inc)(void*));
void freemap(Intmap*, void (*destroy)(void*));
void* lookupkey(Intmap*, ulong);
void* insertkey(Intmap*, ulong, void*);
int caninsertkey(Intmap*, ulong, void*);
void* deletekey(Intmap*, ulong);
* Fid and Request structures.
typedef struct Fid Fid;
typedef struct Req Req;
typedef struct Fidpool Fidpool;
typedef struct Reqpool Reqpool;
typedef struct File File;
typedef struct Filelist Filelist;
typedef struct Tree Tree;
typedef struct Readdir Readdir;
typedef struct Srv Srv;
struct Fid
ulong fid;
int omode; /* -1 = not open */
File* file;
char* uid;
Qid qid;
void* aux;
/* below is implementation-specific; don't use */
Readdir* rdir;
Ref ref;
Fidpool* pool;
vlong diroffset;
long dirindex;
struct Req
ulong tag;
void* aux;
Fcall ifcall;
Fcall ofcall;
Dir d;
Req* oldreq;
Fid* fid;
Fid* afid;
Fid* newfid;
Srv* srv;
/* below is implementation-specific; don't use */
QLock lk;
Ref ref;
Reqpool* pool;
uchar* buf;
uchar type;
uchar responded;
char* error;
void* rbuf;
Req** flush;
int nflush;
* Pools to maintain Fid <-> fid and Req <-> tag maps.
struct Fidpool {
Intmap *map;
void (*destroy)(Fid*);
Srv *srv;
struct Reqpool {
Intmap *map;
void (*destroy)(Req*);
Srv *srv;
Fidpool* allocfidpool(void (*destroy)(Fid*));
void freefidpool(Fidpool*);
Fid* allocfid(Fidpool*, ulong);
Fid* lookupfid(Fidpool*, ulong);
void closefid(Fid*);
Fid* removefid(Fidpool*, ulong);
Reqpool* allocreqpool(void (*destroy)(Req*));
void freereqpool(Reqpool*);
Req* allocreq(Reqpool*, ulong);
Req* lookupreq(Reqpool*, ulong);
void closereq(Req*);
Req* removereq(Reqpool*, ulong);
typedef int Dirgen(int, Dir*, void*);
void dirread9p(Req*, Dirgen*, void*);
* File trees.
struct File {
Ref ref;
Dir dir;
File *parent;
void *aux;
/* below is implementation-specific; don't use */
RWLock rwlock;
Filelist *filelist;
Tree *tree;
int nchild;
int allocd;
struct Tree {
File *root;
void (*destroy)(File *file);
/* below is implementation-specific; don't use */
Lock genlock;
ulong qidgen;
ulong dirqidgen;
Tree* alloctree(char*, char*, ulong, void(*destroy)(File*));
void freetree(Tree*);
File* createfile(File*, char*, char*, ulong, void*);
int removefile(File*);
void closefile(File*);
File* walkfile(File*, char*);
Readdir* opendirfile(File*);
long readdirfile(Readdir*, uchar*, long);
void closedirfile(Readdir*);
* Kernel-style command parser
typedef struct Cmdbuf Cmdbuf;
typedef struct Cmdtab Cmdtab;
Cmdbuf* parsecmd(char *a, int n);
void respondcmderror(Req*, Cmdbuf*, char*, ...);
Cmdtab* lookupcmd(Cmdbuf*, Cmdtab*, int);
#pragma varargck argpos respondcmderr 3
struct Cmdbuf
char *buf;
char **f;
int nf;
struct Cmdtab
int index; /* used by client to switch on result */
char *cmd; /* command name */
int narg; /* expected #args; 0 ==> variadic */
* File service loop.
struct Srv {
Tree* tree;
void (*destroyfid)(Fid*);
void (*destroyreq)(Req*);
void (*start)(Srv*);
void (*end)(Srv*);
void* aux;
void (*attach)(Req*);
void (*auth)(Req*);
void (*open)(Req*);
void (*create)(Req*);
void (*read)(Req*);
void (*write)(Req*);
void (*remove)(Req*);
void (*flush)(Req*);
void (*stat)(Req*);
void (*wstat)(Req*);
void (*walk)(Req*);
char* (*clone)(Fid*, Fid*);
char* (*walk1)(Fid*, char*, Qid*);
int infd;
int outfd;
int nopipe;
int srvfd;
int leavefdsopen; /* magic for acme win */
int foreground; /* run in foreground */
int fake;
/* below is implementation-specific; don't use */
Fidpool* fpool;
Reqpool* rpool;
uint msize;
uchar* rbuf;
QLock rlock;
uchar* wbuf;
QLock wlock;
void srv(Srv*);
void postmountsrv(Srv*, char*, char*, int);
int postfd(char*, int);
extern int chatty9p;
void respond(Req*, char*);
void threadpostmountsrv(Srv*, char*, char*, int);
* Helper. Assumes user is same as group.
int hasperm(File*, char*, int);
void* emalloc9p(ulong);
void* erealloc9p(void*, ulong);
char* estrdup9p(char*);
enum {
void readstr(Req*, char*);
void readbuf(Req*, void*, long);
void walkandclone(Req*, char*(*walk1)(Fid*,char*,void*), char*(*clone)(Fid*,Fid*,void*), void*);
#ifdef __cplusplus