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#PROGS=smtp alias fs ned misc q send scanmail pop3 ml marshal vf filterkit unesc
PROGS=smtp alias fs ned q send marshal vf misc
#libs must be made first
# setup the mail directories. this should be done by the administrator since
# he/she will own everything. the following files must be altered to reflect
# local preference.
# /mail/lib/namefiles - remove alias files you don't use, insert ones you do.
# /mail/lib/remotemail - change '-g' to your own mail
# gateway. if you have none, remove it.
# - change '-h' to a name you would like
# this host to be known as. if you don't care, take it
# out and it will use the name in /env/site.
# /mail/lib/rewrite - change the line that contains 'helix' to include names,
# other than the contents of /env/site, that your system
# answers to. this is a hack and will be fixed.
mkdir /mail
chmod 775 /mail
mkdir /mail/lib
chmod 775 /mail/lib
mkdir /mail/queue
mkdir /mail/box
mkdir /mail/tmp
chmod 777 /mail/queue /mail/box /mail/tmp
mkdir /mail/ml
chmod 775 /mail/ml
cp misc/rewrite misc/qmail misc/remotemail misc/namefiles /mail/lib