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* System dependent header files for research
#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <regexp.h>
#include <bio.h>
#include <libString.h>
* for the lock routines in libsys.c
typedef struct Mlock Mlock;
struct Mlock {
int fd;
int pid;
String *name;
* from config.c - call upasconfig() before using
extern char *_MAILROOT; /* root of mail system */
extern char *_UPASLOG; /* log directory */
extern char *_UPASLIB; /* upas library directory */
extern char *_UPASBIN; /* upas binary directory */
extern char *_UPASTMP; /* temporary directory */
extern char *_SHELL; /* path name of shell */
extern char *_POST; /* path name of post server addresses */
extern int MBOXMODE; /* default mailbox protection mode */
extern void upasconfig(void);
/* forgive me */
#define MAILROOT (upasconfig(), _MAILROOT)
#define UPASLOG (upasconfig(), _UPASLOG)
#define UPASLIB (upasconfig(), _UPASLIB)
#define UPASBIN (upasconfig(), _UPASBIN)
#define UPASTMP (upasconfig(), _UPASTMP)
#define SHELL (upasconfig(), _SHELL)
#define POST (upasconfig(), _POST)
* files in libsys.c
extern char *sysname_read(void);
extern char *alt_sysname_read(void);
extern char *domainname_read(void);
extern char **sysnames_read(void);
extern char *getlog(void);
extern char *thedate(void);
extern Biobuf *sysopen(char*, char*, ulong);
extern int sysopentty(void);
extern int sysclose(Biobuf*);
extern int sysmkdir(char*, ulong);
extern int syschgrp(char*, char*);
extern Mlock *syslock(char *);
extern void sysunlock(Mlock *);
extern void syslockrefresh(Mlock *);
extern int e_nonexistent(void);
extern int e_locked(void);
extern long sysfilelen(Biobuf*);
extern int sysremove(char*);
extern int sysrename(char*, char*);
extern int sysexist(char*);
extern int sysisdir(char*);
extern int syskill(int);
extern int syskillpg(int);
extern int syscreate(char*, int, ulong);
extern Mlock *trylock(char *);
extern void pipesig(int*);
extern void pipesigoff(void);
extern int holdon(void);
extern void holdoff(int);
extern int syscreatelocked(char*, int, int);
extern int sysopenlocked(char*, int);
extern int sysunlockfile(int);
extern int sysfiles(void);
extern int become(char**, char*);
extern int sysdetach(void);
extern int sysdirreadall(int, Dir**);
extern String *username(String*);
extern char* remoteaddr(int, char*);
extern int creatembox(char*, char*);
extern String *readlock(String*);
extern char *homedir(char*);
extern String *mboxname(char*, String*);
extern String *deadletter(String*);
* maximum size for a file path
#define MAXPATHLEN 128