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#include "sys.h"
/* format of REMOTE FROM lines */
extern char *REMFROMRE;
extern int REMDATEMATCH;
extern int REMSYSMATCH;
/* format of mailbox FROM lines */
#define IS_HEADER(p) ((p)[0]=='F'&&(p)[1]=='r'&&(p)[2]=='o'&&(p)[3]=='m'&&(p)[4]==' ')
#define IS_TRAILER(p) ((p)[0]=='m'&&(p)[1]=='o'&&(p)[2]=='r'&&(p)[3]=='F'&&(p)[4]=='\n')
extern char *FROMRE;
extern int SENDERMATCH;
extern int DATEMATCH;
Elemlen= 28,
Errlen= 128,
Pathlen= 256,
RetryCode = 2
* routines in mail.c
extern int print_header(Biobuf*, char*, char*);
extern int print_remote_header(Biobuf*, char*, char*, char*);
extern int parse_header(char*, String*, String*);
* routines in aux.c
extern String *abspath(char*, char*, String*);
extern String *mboxpath(char*, char*, String*, int);
extern char *basename(char*);
extern int delivery_status(String*);
extern void append_match(Resub*, String*, int);
extern int shellchars(char*);
extern String* escapespecial(String*);
extern String* unescapespecial(String*);
extern int returnable(char*);
/* in copymessage */
extern int appendfiletombox(int, int);
extern int appendfiletofile(int, int);
/* mailbox types */
#define MF_NORMAL 0
#define MF_PIPE 1
#define MF_FORWARD 2
#define MF_NOMBOX 3
#define MF_NOTMBOX 4
/* a pipe between parent and child*/
typedef struct {
Biobuf bb;
Biobuf *fp; /* parent process end*/
int fd; /* child process end*/
} stream;
/* a child process*/
typedef struct process{
stream *std[3]; /* standard fd's*/
int pid; /* process identifier*/
int status; /* exit status*/
Waitmsg *waitmsg;
} process;
extern stream *instream(void);
extern stream *outstream(void);
extern void stream_free(stream*);
extern process *noshell_proc_start(char**, stream*, stream*, stream*, int, char*);
extern process *proc_start(char*, stream*, stream*, stream*, int, char*);
extern int proc_wait(process*);
extern int proc_free(process*);
extern int proc_kill(process*);