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# The awk program cvt will convert the relatively sterotyped ansi c
# in this troff distribution into older-style c, by munging function
# declarations.
# You will also have to edit fns.h, by
# sed 's/(.*)/()/g' fns.h >foo; mv foo fns.h
# check this before doing the move!
# you will also have to make some editing changes in
# tdef.h in the Contab structure: s/(void)/()/
# you may have to fix up some function declarations
# in n4.c, the ones with (*f)(Tchar).
# you will surely also have header files to deal with.
# the most obvious cases are dealt with by the following
# commands. make sure you do this stuff on a copy!
# function prototypes in n8.c probably belong in fns.h. readpats(void) must
# be readpats() before cvt runs.
sed \
-e 's/(void)/()/' \
-e 's/(Tchar[^)]*);/();/' \
-e 's/(char[^)]*);/();/' \
-e 's/(int[^)]*);/();/' \
n8.c >foo
mv foo n8.c
for i in *.c
cvt $i >foo
mv foo $i
sed 's/(.*)/()/g' fns.h >foo
mv foo fns.h
sed -e 's/(void)/()/g' -e '/stdlib/d' tdef.h >foo
mv foo tdef.h
# Compliers may not approve of void *setbrk() in fns.h and n3.c.
sed 's/^void\*[ ]setbrk/char* setbrk/' fns.h >foo
mv foo fns.h
sed 's/^void \*setbrk/char *setbrk/' n3.c >foo
mv foo n3.c