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30 Nov 1988 ehg
Copied from /n/bowell/usr/src/cmd/pic.
16 Jan 1989 ehg
Updates from /n/coma/usr/bwk/pic.
Brian picked up printlf() and I moved space() in openpl() in pixel and 4014,
so no changes were needed in the source imported from bowell and bwk.
bwk's print.c calls arc(), which is translated in pl$DEV.c into a call to
devarc() whose code is in lib$DEV/arc.c.
I didn't understand howard's dotline change and it conflicted
with using pure bwk code, so I commented it out in pltex.c.
8 Sep 1989 hwt
Updates from /n/bowell/usr/src/cmd/pic
Some changes in linegen.c (bigger buffers), misc.c, picl.l, picy.y, symtab.c
I removed the \t-><tab> transformation in picl.l (bwk agreed it was bogus).
Put the dotline change back in (to get smaller output files, and avoid
problems where lines were bunching together).
11 Sep 1989 hwt
Went back to troff dotline (the postscript one doesn't act the same
as troff when scale!=1).
Changed default pen size from 8 to 9 (to give same thickness lines
as default pic), and made dots change size with pen size.