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Directory dpost is DWB 3.3 version without UTF changes. dpost.utf is
stuff for Plan 9. Both build and install dpost, so only pick one. The
makefile I sent ( builds dpost.utf.
Left READING set to ONEBYTE in common/gen.h. Expect dpost errors unless
'x E UTF' is added to troff output or READING set to UTFENCODING. Easy
to make 'x E UTF' anything else too.
Left RUNELIB defined in common/rune.h so rune.c stuff is used when
dpost.utf is built.
UTF.enc is in directory psencoding. Install and link to Default.enc on
Plan 9.
Carmela requested two new characters: \(bs for backslash and \(dq for
double quote. Both are in devLatin1 and devpost tables. Carmela also
asked for a bunch of her devpost accent characters in devLatin1. Added
them to the end of the devLatin1 tables.
A word of warning about devLatin1. Carmela, Peter and others complained
about - and hyphens being too long in the Latin1 fonts. I used Abode's
choice but nobody liked it. New devLatin1 tables use a smaller character
for hy. Looks better (I guess) but a width change affects line and page
breaks!! Not sure what you want to do. Complaints on this one go to
npn and carmela!!!
Didn't take your suggested pathname change in download. Didn't want to
risk breaking Unix 4.0 lp. What's there is bogus but was only for Unix
4.0. The -r option accomplishes something similiar but needs a full path. is very different and not tested on V9.