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troff2html \- convert troff output into HTML
.B troff2html
.B -t
.I title
] [
.I file
\ ...
.I Troff2html
reads the
.IR troff (1)
output in the named
.IR files ,
default standard input,
and converts them into HTML.
.I Troff2html
does a tolerable job with straight
.B troff
output, but it is helped by annotations, described below.
Its main use is for
.B man2html
(see Plan 9's \fIhttpd\fR(8)),
which converts
.IR man (1)
pages into HTML
and depends on a specially annotated set of
.IR man (7)
macros, invoked by
.B troff
.BR -manhtml .
.B Troff
output lines beginning
x X html \f1...
which are introduced by placing
.B \eX'html\ \f1...\fP'
in the
.IR input ,
cause the rest of the line to be interpolated into the HTML produced.
Several such lines are recognized specially by
.IR troff2html .
The most important are the pair
x X html manref start cp 1
x X html manref end cp 1
which are used to create HTML hyperlinks around text of the form
.IR cp (1)
pointing to
.BR /magic/man2html/1/cp .
.I Troff2html
is new and experimental; in time, it may improve and subsume
Plan 9's
On the one hand, because it uses the input,
.B ms2html
can handle
.IR pic (1),
.IR eqn (1),
etc., which
.I troff2html
does not handle at all; on the other hand,
.B ms2html
understands only
.IR ms (7)
documents and is easily confused by complex
.B troff
.I Troff2html
has the reverse properties: it does not handle the preprocessors but its output
is reliable and (modulo helper annotations) is independent of macro package.
.IR troff (1),
Plan 9's
.I man2html
Plan 9's
.B Troff
and HTML have different models, and they don't mesh well in all cases.
.BR Troff 's
indented paragraphs are not well served in HTML, and the output of
.I troff2html
shows this.