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00A1 !! ¡ inverted exclamation mark
00A2 c$ ¢ cent sign
00A3 l$ £ pound sign
00A4 g$ ¤ currency sign
00A5 y$ ¥ yen sign
00A6 || ¦ broken vertical bar
00A7 SS § section sign
00A8 "" ¨ spacing diaeresis
00A9 Oc cO © copyright sign
00AA sa ª feminine ordinal indicator
00AB << « left pointing guillemet
00AC no ¬ not sign
00AD -- ­ soft hyphen
00AE Or rO ® registered trade mark sign
00AF __ ¯ spacing macron
00B0 de ° degree sign
00B1 +- ± plus-or-minus sign
00B2 S2 ² superscript digit two
00B3 S3 ³ superscript digit three
00B4 '' ´ spacing acute
00B5 mi µ micro sign
00B6 pg ¶ paragraph sign
00B7 .. · middle dot
00B8 ,, ¸ spacing cedilla
00B9 S1 ¹ superscript digit one
00BA so º masculine ordinal indicator
00BB >> » right pointing guillemet
00BC 14 ¼ fraction one quarter
00BD 12 ½ fraction one half
00BE 34 ¾ fraction three quarters
00BF ?? ¿ inverted question mark
00C0 `A À latin capital letter a grave
00C1 'A Á latin capital letter a acute
00C2 ^A Â latin capital letter a circumflex
00C3 ~A Ã latin capital letter a tilde
00C4 "A Ä latin capital letter a diaeresis
00C5 oA Å latin capital letter a ring
00C6 AE Æ latin capital letter a e
00C7 ,C Ç latin capital letter c cedilla
00C8 `E È latin capital letter e grave
00C9 'E É latin capital letter e acute
00CA ^E Ê latin capital letter e circumflex
00CB "E Ë latin capital letter e diaeresis
00CC `I Ì latin capital letter i grave
00CD 'I Í latin capital letter i acute
00CE ^I Î latin capital letter i circumflex
00CF "I Ï latin capital letter i diaeresis
00D0 -D D- Ð latin capital letter eth
00D1 ~N Ñ latin capital letter n tilde
00D2 `O Ò latin capital letter o grave
00D3 'O Ó latin capital letter o acute
00D4 ^O Ô latin capital letter o circumflex
00D5 ~O Õ latin capital letter o tilde
00D6 "O Ö latin capital letter o diaeresis
00D7 mu × multiplication sign
00D8 /O Ø latin capital letter o slash
00D9 `U Ù latin capital letter u grave
00DA 'U Ú latin capital letter u acute
00DB ^U Û latin capital letter u circumflex
00DC "U Ü latin capital letter u diaeresis
00DD 'Y Ý latin capital letter y acute
00DE |P Þ latin capital letter thorn
00DF ss ß latin small letter sharp s
00E0 `a à latin small letter a grave
00E1 'a á latin small letter a acute
00E2 ^a â latin small letter a circumflex
00E3 ~a ã latin small letter a tilde
00E4 "a ä latin small letter a diaeresis
00E5 oa å latin small letter a ring
00E6 ae æ latin small letter a e
00E7 ,c ç latin small letter c cedilla
00E8 `e è latin small letter e grave
00E9 'e é latin small letter e acute
00EA ^e ê latin small letter e circumflex
00EB "e ë latin small letter e diaeresis
00EC `i ì latin small letter i grave
00ED 'i í latin small letter i acute
00EE ^i î latin small letter i circumflex
00EF "i ï latin small letter i diaeresis
00F0 -d d- ð latin small letter eth
00F1 ~n ñ latin small letter n tilde
00F2 `o ò latin small letter o grave
00F3 'o ó latin small letter o acute
00F4 ^o ô latin small letter o circumflex
00F5 ~o õ latin small letter o tilde
00F6 "o ö latin small letter o diaeresis
00F7 -: :- ÷ division sign
00F8 /o ø latin small letter o slash
00F9 `u ù latin small letter u grave
00FA 'u ú latin small letter u acute
00FB ^u û latin small letter u circumflex
00FC "u ü latin small letter u diaeresis
00FD 'y ý latin small letter y acute
00FE |p þ latin small letter thorn
00FF "y ÿ latin small letter y diaeresis
0100 _A Ā latin capital letter a macron
0101 _a ā latin small letter a macron
0102 uA Ă latin capital letter a breve
0104 ,A Ą latin capital letter a ogonek
0105 ,a ą latin small letter a ogonek
0106 'C Ć latin capital letter c acute
0107 'c ć latin small letter c acute
0108 ^C Ĉ latin capital letter c circumflex
0109 ^c ĉ latin small letter c circumflex
010A .C Ċ latin capital letter c dot
010B .c ċ latin small letter c dot
010C vC Č latin capital letter c hacek
010D vc č latin small letter c hacek
010E vD Ď latin capital letter d hacek
010F vd ď latin small letter d hacek
0112 _E Ē latin capital letter e macron
0113 _e ē latin small letter e macron
0114 uE Ĕ latin capital letter e breve
0115 ue ĕ latin small letter e breve
0116 .E Ė latin capital letter e dot
0117 .e ė latin small letter e dot
0118 ,E Ę latin capital letter e ogonek
0119 ,e ę latin small letter e ogonek
011A vE Ě latin capital letter e hacek
011B ve ě latin small letter e hacek
011C ^G Ĝ latin capital letter g circumflex
011D ^g ĝ latin small letter g circumflex
011E uG Ğ latin capital letter g breve
011F ug ğ latin small letter g breve
0120 .G Ġ latin capital letter g dot
0121 .g ġ latin small letter g dot
0122 ,G Ģ latin capital letter g cedilla
0123 'g ,g ģ latin small letter g cedilla
0124 ^H Ĥ latin capital letter h circumflex
0125 ^h ĥ latin small letter h circumflex
0126 -H H- Ħ latin capital letter h bar
0128 ~I Ĩ latin capital letter i tilde
0129 ~i ĩ latin small letter i tilde
012A _I Ī latin capital letter i macron
012B _i ī latin small letter i macron
012C uI Ĭ latin capital letter i breve
012D ui ĭ latin small letter i breve
012E ,I Į latin capital letter i ogonek
012F ,i į latin small letter i ogonek
0130 .I İ latin capital letter i dot
0131 i ı latin small letter dotless i
0132 IJ IJ latin capital letter i j
0133 ij ij latin small letter i j
0134 ^J Ĵ latin capital letter j circumflex
0135 ^j ĵ latin small letter j circumflex
0136 ,K Ķ latin capital letter k cedilla
0137 ,k ķ latin small letter k cedilla
0139 'L Ĺ latin capital letter l acute
013A 'l ĺ latin small letter l acute
013B ,L Ļ latin capital letter l cedilla
013C ,l ļ latin small letter l cedilla
013D vL Ľ latin capital letter l hacek
013E vl ľ latin small letter l hacek
013F .L Ŀ latin capital letter l with middle dot
0140 .l ŀ latin small letter l with middle dot
0141 -L L- Ł latin capital letter l slash
0142 -l l- ł latin small letter l slash
0143 'N Ń latin capital letter n acute
0144 'n ń latin small letter n acute
0145 ,N Ņ latin capital letter n cedilla
0146 ,n ņ latin small letter n cedilla
0147 vN Ň latin capital letter n hacek
0148 vn ň latin small letter n hacek
014C _O Ō latin capital letter o macron
014D _o ō latin small letter o macron
014E uO Ŏ latin capital letter o breve
014F uo ŏ latin small letter o breve
0152 OE Πlatin capital letter o e
0153 oe œ latin small letter o e
0154 'R Ŕ latin capital letter r acute
0155 'r ŕ latin small letter r acute
0156 ,R Ŗ latin capital letter r cedilla
0157 ,r ŗ latin small letter r cedilla
0158 vR Ř latin capital letter r hacek
0159 vr ř latin small letter r hacek
015A 'S Ś latin capital letter s acute
015B 's ś latin small letter s acute
015C ^S Ŝ latin capital letter s circumflex
015D ^s ŝ latin small letter s circumflex
015E ,S Ş latin capital letter s cedilla
015F ,s ş latin small letter s cedilla
0160 vS Š latin capital letter s hacek
0161 vs š latin small letter s hacek
0162 ,T Ţ latin capital letter t cedilla
0163 ,t ţ latin small letter t cedilla
0164 vT Ť latin capital letter t hacek
0165 vt ť latin small letter t hacek
0166 -T T- Ŧ latin capital letter t bar
0167 -t t- ŧ latin small letter t bar
0168 ~U Ũ latin capital letter u tilde
0169 ~u ũ latin small letter u tilde
016A _U Ū latin capital letter u macron
016B _u ū latin small letter u macron
016C uU Ŭ latin capital letter u breve
016D uu ŭ latin small letter u breve
016E oU Ů latin capital letter u ring
016F ou ů latin small letter u ring
0172 ,U Ų latin capital letter u ogonek
0173 ,u ų latin small letter u ogonek
0174 ^W Ŵ latin capital letter w circumflex
0175 ^w ŵ latin small letter w circumflex
0176 ^Y Ŷ latin capital letter y circumflex
0177 ^y ŷ latin small letter y circumflex
0178 "Y Ÿ latin capital letter y diaeresis
0179 'Z Ź latin capital letter z acute
017A 'z ź latin small letter z acute
017B .Z Ż latin capital letter z dot
017C .z ż latin small letter z dot
017D vZ Ž latin capital letter z hacek
017E vz ž latin small letter z hacek
0180 -b ƀ latin small letter b bar
0192 $f ƒ latin small letter script f
0195 hv ƕ latin small letter h v
0197 -I I- Ɨ latin capital letter barred i
019B -*l ƛ latin small letter barred lambda
01A2 OI Ƣ latin capital letter o i
01A3 oi ƣ latin small letter o i
01A6 YR Ʀ latin letter y r
01B2 $V Ʋ latin capital letter script v
01B5 -Z Z- Ƶ latin capital letter z bar
01B6 -z z- ƶ latin small letter z bar
01BB -2 2- ƻ latin letter two bar
01C4 DvZ DŽ latin capital letter d z hacek
01C5 Dvz Dž latin letter capital d small z hacek
01C6 dvz dž latin small letter d z hacek
01C7 LJ LJ latin capital letter l j
01C8 Lj Lj latin letter capital l small j
01C9 lj lj latin small letter l j
01CA NJ NJ latin capital letter n j
01CB Nj Nj latin letter capital n small j
01CC nj nj latin small letter n j
01CD vA Ǎ latin capital letter a hacek
01CE va ǎ latin small letter a hacek
01CF vI Ǐ latin capital letter i hacek
01D0 vi ǐ latin small letter i hacek
01D1 vO Ǒ latin capital letter o hacek
01D2 vo ǒ latin small letter o hacek
01D3 vU Ǔ latin capital letter u hacek
01D4 vu ǔ latin small letter u hacek
01D5 _"U Ǖ latin capital letter u diaeresis macron
01D6 _"u ǖ latin small letter u diaeresis macron
01D7 '"U Ǘ latin capital letter u diaeresis acute
01D8 '"u ǘ latin small letter u diaeresis acute
01D9 v"U Ǚ latin capital letter u diaeresis hacek
01DA v"u ǚ latin small letter u diaeresis hacek
01DB `"U Ǜ latin capital letter u diaeresis grave
01DC `"u ǜ latin small letter u diaeresis grave
01DE _"A Ǟ latin capital letter a diaeresis macron
01DF _"a ǟ latin small letter a diaeresis macron
01E0 _.A Ǡ latin capital letter a dot macron
01E1 _.a ǡ latin small letter a dot macron
01E4 -G G- Ǥ latin capital letter g bar
01E5 -g g- ǥ latin small letter g bar
01E6 vG Ǧ latin capital letter g hacek
01E7 vg ǧ latin small letter g hacek
01E8 vK Ǩ latin capital letter k hacek
01E9 vk ǩ latin small letter k hacek
01EA ,O Ǫ latin capital letter o ogonek
01EB ,o ǫ latin small letter o ogonek
01EC _,O Ǭ latin capital letter o ogonek macron
01ED _,o ǭ latin small letter o ogonek macron
01F0 vj ǰ latin small letter j hacek
0251 $a ɑ latin small letter script a
0268 -i i- ɨ latin small letter barred i
0289 -u u- ʉ latin small letter u bar
028B $v ʋ latin small letter script v
02A3 dz ʣ latin small letter d z
0391 *A Α greek capital letter alpha
0392 *B Β greek capital letter beta
0393 *G Γ greek capital letter gamma
0394 *D Δ greek capital letter delta
0395 *E Ε greek capital letter epsilon
0396 *Z Ζ greek capital letter zeta
0397 *Y Η greek capital letter eta
0398 *H Θ greek capital letter theta
0399 *I Ι greek capital letter iota
039A *K Κ greek capital letter kappa
039B *L Λ greek capital letter lambda
039C *M Μ greek capital letter mu
039D *N Ν greek capital letter nu
039E *C Ξ greek capital letter xi
039F *O Ο greek capital letter omicron
03A0 *P Π greek capital letter pi
03A1 *R Ρ greek capital letter rho
03A3 *S Σ greek capital letter sigma
03A4 *T Τ greek capital letter tau
03A5 *U Υ greek capital letter upsilon
03A6 *F Φ greek capital letter phi
03A7 *X Χ greek capital letter chi
03A8 *Q Ψ greek capital letter psi
03A9 *W Ω greek capital letter omega
03AA "*I Ϊ greek capital letter iota diaeresis
03AB "*U Ϋ greek capital letter upsilon diaeresis
03B1 *a α greek small letter alpha
03B2 *b β greek small letter beta
03B3 *g γ greek small letter gamma
03B4 *d δ greek small letter delta
03B5 *e ε greek small letter epsilon
03B6 *z ζ greek small letter zeta
03B7 *y η greek small letter eta
03B8 *h θ greek small letter theta
03B9 *i ι greek small letter iota
03BA *k κ greek small letter kappa
03BB *l λ greek small letter lambda
03BC *m μ greek small letter mu
03BD *n ν greek small letter nu
03BE *c ξ greek small letter xi
03BF *o ο greek small letter omicron
03C0 *p π greek small letter pi
03C1 *r ρ greek small letter rho
03C2 ts ς greek small letter final sigma
03C3 *s σ greek small letter sigma
03C4 *t τ greek small letter tau
03C5 *u υ greek small letter upsilon
03C6 *f φ greek small letter phi
03C7 *x χ greek small letter chi
03C8 *q ψ greek small letter psi
03C9 *w ω greek small letter omega
03CA "*i ϊ greek small letter iota diaeresis
03CB "*u ϋ greek small letter upsilon diaeresis
03D1 $*h ϑ greek small letter script theta
03D5 $*f ϕ greek small letter script phi
03F0 $*k ϰ greek small letter script kappa
0401 @YO @Yo Ё cyrillic capital letter io
0410 @A А cyrillic capital letter a
0411 @B Б cyrillic capital letter be
0412 @V В cyrillic capital letter ve
0413 @G Г cyrillic capital letter ge
0414 @D Д cyrillic capital letter de
0415 @@E @YE @Ye Е cyrillic capital letter ie
0416 @ZH @Zh Ж cyrillic capital letter zhe
0417 @@Z З cyrillic capital letter ze
0418 @I И cyrillic capital letter ii
0419 @J Й cyrillic capital letter short ii
041A @@K К cyrillic capital letter ka
041B @L Л cyrillic capital letter el
041C @M М cyrillic capital letter em
041D @N Н cyrillic capital letter en
041E @O О cyrillic capital letter o
041F @P П cyrillic capital letter pe
0420 @R Р cyrillic capital letter er
0421 @@S С cyrillic capital letter es
0422 @@T Т cyrillic capital letter te
0423 @U У cyrillic capital letter u
0424 @F Ф cyrillic capital letter ef
0425 @KH @Kh @X Х cyrillic capital letter kha
0426 @TS @Ts Ц cyrillic capital letter tse
0427 @CH @Ch Ч cyrillic capital letter che
0428 @SH @Sh Ш cyrillic capital letter sha
0429 @SC @Sc Щ cyrillic capital letter shcha
042B @@Y Ы cyrillic capital letter yeri
042D @EH @Eh Э cyrillic capital letter reversed e
042E @YU @Yu Ю cyrillic capital letter iu
042F @YA @Ya Я cyrillic capital letter ia
0430 @a а cyrillic small letter a
0431 @b б cyrillic small letter be
0432 @v в cyrillic small letter ve
0433 @g г cyrillic small letter ge
0434 @d д cyrillic small letter de
0435 @@e @ye е cyrillic small letter ie
0436 @zh ж cyrillic small letter zhe
0437 @@z з cyrillic small letter ze
0438 @i и cyrillic small letter ii
0439 @j й cyrillic small letter short ii
043A @@k к cyrillic small letter ka
043B @l л cyrillic small letter el
043C @m м cyrillic small letter em
043D @n н cyrillic small letter en
043E @o о cyrillic small letter o
043F @p п cyrillic small letter pe
0440 @r р cyrillic small letter er
0441 @@s с cyrillic small letter es
0442 @@t т cyrillic small letter te
0443 @u у cyrillic small letter u
0444 @f ф cyrillic small letter ef
0445 @kh @x х cyrillic small letter kha
0446 @ts ц cyrillic small letter tse
0447 @ch ч cyrillic small letter che
0448 @sh ш cyrillic small letter sha
0449 @sc щ cyrillic small letter shcha
044A @'' ъ cyrillic small letter hard sign
044B @@y ы cyrillic small letter yeri
044C @@' ь cyrillic small letter soft sign
044D @eh э cyrillic small letter reversed e
044E @yu ю cyrillic small letter iu
044F @ya я cyrillic small letter ia
0451 @yo ё cyrillic small letter io
1E3E 'M Ḿ latin capital letter m with acute
1E3F 'm ḿ latin small letter m with acute
2018 l' ‘ single turned comma quotation mark
2019 r' ’ single comma quotation mark
201C l" “ double turned comma quotation mark
201D r" ” double comma quotation mark
2020 dg † dagger
2021 dd ‡ double dagger
2022 bu • bullet
2024 1. ․ one dot leader
2025 2. ‥ two dot leader
2026 3. … horizontal ellipsis
203D !? ?! ‽ interrobang
2070 s0 ⁰ superscript digit zero
00B9 s1 ¹ superscript digit one
00B2 s2 ² superscript digit two
00B3 s3 ³ superscript digit three
2074 s4 ⁴ superscript digit four
2075 s5 ⁵ superscript digit five
2076 s6 ⁶ superscript digit six
2077 s7 ⁷ superscript digit seven
2078 s8 ⁸ superscript digit eight
2079 s9 ⁹ superscript digit nine
207A s+ ⁺ superscript plus sign
207B s- ⁻ superscript hyphen-minus
207C s= ⁼ superscript equals sign
207D s( ⁽ superscript opening parenthesis
207E s) ⁾ superscript closing parenthesis
2071 si ⁱ superscript latin small letter i
207F sn ⁿ superscript latin small letter n
2013 en – en dash
2014 em — em dash
2080 b0 ₀ subscript digit zero
2081 b1 ₁ subscript digit one
2082 b2 ₂ subscript digit two
2083 b3 ₃ subscript digit three
2084 b4 ₄ subscript digit four
2085 b5 ₅ subscript digit five
2086 b6 ₆ subscript digit six
2087 b7 ₇ subscript digit seven
2088 b8 ₈ subscript digit eight
2089 b9 ₉ subscript digit nine
208A b+ ₊ subscript plus sign
208B b- ₋ subscript hyphen-minus
208C b= ₌ subscript equals sign
208D b( ₍ subscript opening parenthesis
208E b) ₎ subscript closing parenthesis
20AC e$ € euro symbol
2102 CC ℂ double-struck capital c
210A $g ℊ script small g
210B $H ℋ script capital h
210D HH ℍ double-struck capital h
210F -h h- ℏ planck constant over 2 pi
2110 $I ℐ script capital i
2112 $L ℒ script capital l
2113 $l ℓ script small l
2115 NN ℕ double-struck capital n
2117 Op pO ℗ sound recording copyright
2118 $p ℘ script p
2119 PP ℙ double-struck capital p
211A QQ ℚ double-struck capital q
211B $R ℛ script capital r
211D RR ℝ double-struck capital r
2122 tm ™ trademark
2124 ZZ ℤ double-struck capital z
212C $B ℬ script capital b
212F $e ℯ script small e
2130 $E ℰ script capital e
2131 $F ℱ script capital f
2133 $M ℳ script capital m
2134 $o ℴ script small o
2153 13 ⅓ fraction one third
2154 23 ⅔ fraction two thirds
2155 15 ⅕ fraction one fifth
2156 25 ⅖ fraction two fifths
2157 35 ⅗ fraction three fifths
2158 45 ⅘ fraction four fifths
2159 16 ⅙ fraction one sixth
215A 56 ⅚ fraction five sixths
215B 18 ⅛ fraction one eighth
215C 38 ⅜ fraction three eighths
215D 58 ⅝ fraction five eighths
215E 78 ⅞ fraction seven eighths
2190 <- ← left arrow
2191 ua ↑ up arrow
2192 -> → right arrow
2193 da ↓ down arrow
2194 ab ↔ left right arrow
21D0 V= ⇐ left double arrow
21D2 =V ⇒ right double arrow
2200 fa ∀ for all
2202 pd ∂ partial differential
2203 te ∃ there exists
2205 es ∅ empty set
2206 De ∆ increment
2207 gr ∇ nabla
2208 mo ∈ element of
2209 !m ∉ not an element of
220D st ∍ small contains as member
220F pr ∏ n-ary product
2211 su ∑ n-ary summation
2213 -+ ∓ minus-or-plus sign
2217 ** ∗ asterisk operator
2218 co ∘ composition operator
221A sr √ square root
221D pt ∝ proportional to
221E if ∞ infinity
2220 an ∠ angle
2225 pp ∥ parallel to
2227 l& ∧ logical and
2228 l| ∨ logical or
2229 ca ∩ intersection
222A cu ∪ union
222B is ∫ integral
2234 tf ∴ therefore
2242 -~ ≂ minus tilde
2243 ~- ≃ asymptotically equal to
2244 !~- ≄ not asymptotically equal to
2245 cg ~= ≅ approximately equal to
2246 ~!= ≆ approximately but not actually equal to
2247 !~= ≇ neither approximately nor actually equal to
2248 ~~ ≈ almost equal to
2249 !~~ ≉ not almost equal to
2254 := ≔ colon equal
2255 =: ≕ equal colon
2260 != ≠ not equal to
2261 == ≡ identical to
2264 <= ≤ less than or equal to
2265 >= ≥ greater than or equal to
2268 <!= ≨ less than but not equal to
2269 >!= ≩ greater than but not equal to
226E !< ≮ not less than
226F !> ≯ not greater than
2272 <~ ≲ less than or equivalent to
2273 >~ ≳ greater than or equivalent to
2276 <> ≶ less than or greater than
2277 >< ≷ greater than or less than
2282 sb ⊂ subset of
2283 sp ⊃ superset of
2284 !b ⊄ not a subset of
2285 !p ⊅ not a superset of
2286 ib ⊆ subset of or equal to
2287 ip ⊇ superset of or equal to
2295 +O O+ ⊕ circled plus
2296 -O O- ⊖ circled minus
2297 Ox xO ⊗ circled times
2298 O/ ⊘ circled division slash
2299 .O O. ⊙ circled dot operator
229A Oo oO ⊚ circled ring operator
229B O* ⊛ circled asterisk operator
229C =O O= ⊜ circled equals
22A2 tu ⊢ right tack
22A8 Tu ⊨ true
22B2 ld ⊲ normal subgroup of
22B3 rd ⊳ contains as normal subgroup
22C0 L& ⋀ n-ary logical and
22C1 L| ⋁ n-ary logical or
22C2 CA ⋂ n-ary intersection
22C3 CU ⋃ n-ary union
22C4 lz ⋄ diamond operator
22C8 bt ⋈ bowtie operator
22DC =< ⋜ equal to or less than
22DD => ⋝ equal to or greater than
22E6 <!~ ⋦ less than but not equivalent to
22E7 >!~ ⋧ greater than but not equivalent to
22EF el ⋯ midline horizontal ellipsis
230A lf ⌊ left floor
230B rf ⌋ right floor
2329 </ 〈 left angle bracket
232a /> 〉 right angle bracket
2423 ␣ open box, visible space
2639 :( ☹ sad face
263A :) ☺ smiley face
2654 wk ♔ white chess king
2655 wq ♕ white chess queen
2656 wr ♖ white chess rook
2657 wb ♗ white chess bishop
2658 wn ♘ white chess knight
2659 wp ♙ white chess pawn
265A bk ♚ black chess king
265B bq ♛ black chess queen
265C br ♜ black chess rook
265D bb ♝ black chess bishop
265E bn ♞ black chess knight
265F bp ♟ black chess pawn
2669 M4 ♩ music quarter note
266a M8 ♪ music eighth note
266d Mb ♭ music flat
266e M# ♮ music natural
266f Ms ♯ music sharp
300a <+ 《 left double angle bracket
300b +> 》 right double angle bracket
F015 ZA  raw alt (plan 9 specific)
F016 ZS  raw shift (plan 9 specific)
F017 ZC  raw ctl (plan 9 specific)