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#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#ifndef PI
#define PI 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751
#define MAXWID 8.5 /* default limits max picture to 8.5 x 11; */
#define MAXHT 11 /* change to taste without peril */
#define dprintf if(dbg)printf
extern char errbuf[200];
#undef sprintf /* Snow Leopard */
#define ERROR sprintf(errbuf,
#define FATAL ), yyerror(errbuf), exit(1)
#define WARNING ), yyerror(errbuf)
#define DEFAULT 0
#define HEAD1 1
#define HEAD2 2
#define HEAD12 (HEAD1+HEAD2)
#define INVIS 4
#define CW_ARC 8 /* clockwise arc */
#define DOTBIT 16 /* line styles */
#define DASHBIT 32
#define FILLBIT 64 /* gray-fill on boxes, etc. */
#define CENTER 01 /* text attributes */
#define LJUST 02
#define RJUST 04
#define ABOVE 010
#define BELOW 020
#define SPREAD 040
#define SCALE 1.0 /* default scale: units/inch */
#define WID 0.75 /* default width for boxes and ellipses */
#define WID2 0.375
#define HT 0.5 /* default height and line length */
#define HT2 (HT/2)
#define HT5 (HT/5)
#define HT10 (HT/10)
/* these have to be like so, so that we can write */
/* things like R & V, etc. */
#define H 0
#define V 1
#define R_DIR 0
#define U_DIR 1
#define L_DIR 2
#define D_DIR 3
#define ishor(n) (((n) & V) == 0)
#define isvert(n) (((n) & V) != 0)
#define isright(n) ((n) == R_DIR)
#define isleft(n) ((n) == L_DIR)
#define isdown(n) ((n) == D_DIR)
#define isup(n) ((n) == U_DIR)
typedef float ofloat; /* for o_val[] in obj; could be double */
typedef struct obj { /* stores various things in variable length */
int o_type;
int o_count; /* number of things */
int o_nobj; /* index in objlist */
int o_mode; /* hor or vert */
float o_x; /* coord of "center" */
float o_y;
int o_nt1; /* 1st index in text[] for this object */
int o_nt2; /* 2nd; difference is #text strings */
int o_attr; /* HEAD, CW, INVIS, etc., go here */
int o_size; /* linesize */
int o_nhead; /* arrowhead style */
struct symtab *o_symtab; /* symtab for [...] */
float o_ddval; /* value of dot/dash expression */
float o_fillval; /* gray scale value */
ofloat o_val[1]; /* actually this will be > 1 in general */
/* type is not always FLOAT!!!! */
} obj;
typedef union { /* the yacc stack type */
int i;
char *p;
obj *o;
double f;
struct symtab *st;
extern YYSTYPE yylval, yyval;
struct symtab {
char *s_name;
int s_type;
YYSTYPE s_val;
struct symtab *s_next;
typedef struct { /* attribute of an object */
int a_type;
int a_sub;
YYSTYPE a_val;
} Attr;
typedef struct {
int t_type; /* CENTER, LJUST, etc. */
char t_op; /* optional sign for size changes */
char t_size; /* size, abs or rel */
char *t_val;
} Text;
#define String 01
#define Macro 02
#define File 04
#define Char 010
#define Thru 020
#define Free 040
typedef struct { /* input source */
int type; /* Macro, String, File */
char *sp; /* if String or Macro */
} Src;
extern Src src[], *srcp; /* input source stack */
typedef struct {
FILE *fin;
char *fname;
int lineno;
} Infile;
extern Infile infile[], *curfile;
#define MAXARGS 20
typedef struct { /* argument stack */
char *argstk[MAXARGS]; /* pointers to args */
char *argval; /* points to space containing args */
} Arg;
extern int dbg;
extern obj **objlist;
extern int nobj, nobjlist;
extern Attr *attr;
extern int nattr, nattrlist;
extern Text *text;
extern int ntextlist;
extern int ntext;
extern int ntext1;
extern double curx, cury;
extern int hvmode;
extern int codegen;
extern int PEseen;
extern double deltx, delty;
extern int lineno;
extern int synerr;
extern double xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax;
struct pushstack {
double p_x;
double p_y;
int p_hvmode;
double p_xmin;
double p_ymin;
double p_xmax;
double p_ymax;
struct symtab *p_symtab;
extern struct pushstack stack[];
extern int nstack;
extern int cw;
#define Log10(x) errcheck(log10(x), "log")
#define Exp(x) errcheck(exp(x), "exp")
#define Sqrt(x) errcheck(sqrt(x), "sqrt")
char* addnewline(char *p) /* add newline to end of p */;
obj* addpos(obj *p, obj *q);
void addtattr(int sub) /* add text attrib to existing item */;
void arc(double xc, double yc, double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1) /* draw arc with center xc,yc */;
void arc_extreme(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, double xc, double yc);
obj* arcgen(int type) /* handles circular and (eventually) elliptical arcs */;
void arrow(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, double w, double h, double ang, int nhead) /* draw arrow (without shaft) */ /* head wid w, len h, rotated ang */ /* and drawn with nhead lines */;
int baldelim(int c, char *s) /* replace c by balancing entry in s */;
void blockadj(obj *p) /* adjust coords in block starting at p */;
obj* blockgen(obj *p, obj *q) /* handles [...] */;
obj* boxgen(void);
void checkscale(char *s) /* if s is "scale", adjust default variables */;
obj* circgen(int type);
void copy(void) /* begin input from file, etc. */;
void copydef(struct symtab *p) /* remember macro symtab ptr */;
void copyfile(char *s) /* remember file to start reading from */;
struct symtab* copythru(char *s) /* collect the macro name or body for thru */;
void copyuntil(char *s) /* string that terminates a thru */;
int curdir(void) /* convert current dir (hvmode) to RIGHT, LEFT, etc. */;
void definition(char *s) /* collect definition for s and install */ /* definitions picked up lexically */;
char* delimstr(char *s) /* get body of X ... X */ /* message if too big */;
void do_thru(void) /* read one line, make into a macro expansion */;
void dodef(struct symtab *stp) /* collect args and switch input to defn */;
void dot(void);
void dotbox(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, int ddtype, double ddval) /* dotted or dashed box */;
void dotext(obj *p) /* print text strings of p in proper vertical spacing */;
void dotline(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, int ddtype, double ddval);
void dotline(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1, int ddtype, double ddval) /* dotted line */;
void ellipse(double x, double y, double r1, double r2);
void endfor(void) /* end one iteration of for loop */;
void eprint(void) /* try to print context around error */;
double errcheck(double x, char *s);
void exprsave(double f);
void extreme(double x, double y) /* record max and min x and y values */;
void fillend(void);
void fillstart(double v) /* only choose black, light grey (.75), or white, for now */;
obj* fixpos(obj *p, double x, double y);
void forloop(char *, double, double, int, double, char *) /* set up a for loop */;
void fpecatch(int arg);
void freedef(char *s) /* free definition for string s */;
void freesymtab(struct symtab *p) /* free space used by symtab at p */;
int getarg(char *p) /* pick up single argument, store in p, return length */;
YYSTYPE getblk(obj *p, char *s) /* find union type for s in p */;
double getblkvar(obj *p, char *s) /* find variable s2 in block p */;
obj* getblock(obj *p, char *s) /* find variable s in block p */;
double getcomp(obj *p, int t) /* return component of a position */;
void getdata(void);
obj* getfirst(int n, int t) /* find n-th occurrence of type t */;
double getfval(char *s) /* return float value of variable s */;
obj* gethere(void) /* make a place for curx,cury */;
obj* getlast(int n, int t) /* find n-th previous occurrence of type t */;
obj* getpos(obj *p, int corner) /* find position of point */;
YYSTYPE getvar(char *s) /* return value of variable s (usually pointer) */;
char * grow(char *ptr, char *name, int num, int size) /* make array bigger */;
char* ifstat(double expr, char *thenpart, char *elsepart);
int input(void);
void label(char *s, int t, int nh) /* text s of type t nh half-lines up */;
obj* leftthing(int c) /* called for {... or [... */ /* really ought to be separate functions */;
obj* linegen(int type);
struct symtab* lookup(char *s) /* find s in symtab */;
int main(int argc, char **argv);
void makeattr(int type, int sub, YYSTYPE val) /* add attribute type and val */;
obj* makebetween(double f, obj *p1, obj* p2) /* make position between p1 and p2 */;
void makefattr(int type, int sub, double f) /* double attr */;
void makeiattr(int type, int i) /* int attr */;
obj* makenode(int type, int n);
void makeoattr(int type, obj *o) /* obj* attr */;
obj* makepos(double x, double y) /* make a position cell */;
void maketattr(int sub, char *p) /* text attribute: takes two */;
struct symtab* makevar(char *s, int t, YYSTYPE v) /* make variable named s in table */ /* assumes s is static or from tostring */;
void makevattr(char *p) /* varname attribute */;
obj* movegen(void);
int nextchar(void);
void nextfor(void) /* do one iteration of a for loop */;
void pbstr(char *s);
void popsrc(void) /* restore an old one */;
void print(void);
void printexpr(double f) /* print expression for debugging */;
void printlf(int line, char *name);
void printpos(obj *p) /* print position for debugging */;
void pushsrc(int type, char *ptr) /* new input source */;
int quadrant(double x, double y);
void reset(void);
void resetvar(void) /* reset variables listed */;
obj* rightthing(obj *p, int c) /* called for ... ] or ... } */;
void savetext(int t, char *s) /* record text elements for current object */;
void setdefaults(void) /* set default sizes for variables like boxht */;
int setdir(int n) /* set direction (hvmode) from LEFT, RIGHT, etc. */;
void setfval(char *s, double f) /* set variable s to f */;
void shell_exec(void) /* do it */;
void shell_init(void) /* set up to interpret a shell command */;
void shell_text(char *s) /* add string to command being collected */;
void space(double x0, double y0, double x1, double y1) /* set limits of page */;
void spline(double x, double y, double/*sic*/ n, float *p, int dashed, double ddval);
char* sprintgen(char *fmt);
obj* subpos(obj *p, obj *q);
obj* textgen(void);
char* tostring(char *s);
void troff(char *s);
obj* troffgen(char *s) /* save away a string of troff commands */;
void undefine(char *s) /* undefine macro */;
int unput(int c);
int whatpos(obj *p, int corner, double *px, double *py) /* what is the position (no side effect) */;
void yyerror(char *s);
int yyparse(void);
#include "tex.h"