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#include <u.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <bio.h>
#ifndef EXTERN
#define EXTERN extern
typedef struct Re Re;
typedef struct Re2 Re2;
typedef struct State State;
struct State
int count;
int match;
Re** re;
State* linkleft;
State* linkright;
State* next[256];
struct Re2
Re* beg;
Re* end;
struct Re
uchar type;
ushort gen;
Re* alt; /* Talt */
Re** cases; /* case */
struct /* class */
Rune lo;
Rune hi;
} x;
Rune val; /* char */
} u;
Re* next;
Talt = 1,
Caselim = 7,
Nhunk = 1<<16,
Cbegin = 0x10000,
Flshcnt = (1<<9)-1,
Cflag = 1<<0,
Hflag = 1<<1,
Iflag = 1<<2,
Llflag = 1<<3,
LLflag = 1<<4,
Nflag = 1<<5,
Sflag = 1<<6,
Vflag = 1<<7,
Bflag = 1<<8
EXTERN union
char string[16*1024];
* if a line requires multiple reads, we keep shifting
* buf down into pre and then do another read into
* buf. so you'll get the last 16-32k of the matching line.
* if h were smaller than buf you'd get a suffix of the
* line with a hole cut out.
uchar pre[16*1024]; /* to save to previous '\n' */
uchar buf[16*1024]; /* input buffer */
} u;
} u;
EXTERN char *filename;
EXTERN Biobuf bout;
EXTERN char flags[256];
EXTERN Re** follow;
EXTERN ushort gen;
EXTERN char* input;
EXTERN long lineno;
EXTERN int literal;
EXTERN int matched;
EXTERN long maxfollow;
EXTERN long nfollow;
EXTERN int peekc;
EXTERN Biobuf* rein;
EXTERN State* state0;
EXTERN Re2 topre;
extern Re* addcase(Re*);
extern void appendnext(Re*, Re*);
extern void error(char*);
extern int fcmp(const void*, const void*); /* (Re**, Re**) */
extern void fol1(Re*, int);
extern int getrec(void);
extern void increment(State*, int);
#define initstate grepinitstate
extern State* initstate(Re*);
extern void* mal(int);
extern void patchnext(Re*, Re*);
extern Re* ral(int);
extern Re2 re2cat(Re2, Re2);
extern Re2 re2class(char*);
extern Re2 re2or(Re2, Re2);
extern Re2 re2char(int, int);
extern Re2 re2star(Re2);
extern State* sal(int);
extern int search(char*, int);
extern void str2top(char*);
extern int yyparse(void);
extern void reprint(char*, Re*);
extern void yyerror(char*, ...);