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typedef struct Ioclust Ioclust;
typedef struct Iobuf Iobuf;
typedef struct Isofile Isofile;
typedef struct Xdata Xdata;
typedef struct Xfile Xfile;
typedef struct Xfs Xfs;
typedef struct Xfsub Xfsub;
#pragma incomplete Isofile
Sectorsize = 2048,
Maxname = 256,
struct Iobuf
Ioclust* clust;
long addr;
uchar* iobuf;
struct Ioclust
long addr; /* in sectors; good to 8TB */
Xdata* dev;
Ioclust* next;
Ioclust* prev;
int busy;
int nbuf;
Iobuf* buf;
uchar* iobuf;
struct Xdata
Xdata* next;
char* name; /* of underlying file */
Qid qid;
short type;
short fdev;
int ref; /* attach count */
int dev; /* for read/write */
struct Xfsub
void (*reset)(void);
int (*attach)(Xfile*);
void (*clone)(Xfile*, Xfile*);
void (*walkup)(Xfile*);
void (*walk)(Xfile*, char*);
void (*open)(Xfile*, int);
void (*create)(Xfile*, char*, long, int);
long (*readdir)(Xfile*, uchar*, long, long);
long (*read)(Xfile*, char*, vlong, long);
long (*write)(Xfile*, char*, vlong, long);
void (*clunk)(Xfile*);
void (*remove)(Xfile*);
void (*stat)(Xfile*, Dir*);
void (*wstat)(Xfile*, Dir*);
struct Xfs
Xdata* d; /* how to get the bits */
Xfsub* s; /* how to use them */
int ref;
int issusp; /* follows system use sharing protocol */
long suspoff; /* if so, offset at which SUSP area begins */
int isrock; /* Rock Ridge format */
int isplan9; /* has Plan 9-specific directory info */
Qid rootqid;
Isofile* ptr; /* private data */
struct Xfile
Xfile* next; /* in fid hash bucket */
Xfs* xf;
long fid;
ulong flags;
Qid qid;
int len; /* of private data */
Isofile* ptr;
Oread = 1,
Owrite = 2,
Orclose = 4,
Omodes = 3,
extern char Enonexist[]; /* file does not exist */
extern char Eperm[]; /* permission denied */
extern char Enofile[]; /* no file system specified */
extern char Eauth[]; /* authentication failed */
extern char *srvname;
extern char *deffile;
extern int chatty;
extern jmp_buf err_lab[];
extern int nerr_lab;
extern char err_msg[];
extern int nojoliet;
extern int noplan9;
extern int norock;