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0x0000 0x00FF LuxiSans00
0x0100 0x01FF LuxiSans01
0x0200 0x02FF LuxiSans02
0x0300 0x03FF LuxiSans03
0x2000 0x20FF LuxiSans20
0x2100 0x21FF LuxiSans21
0x2200 0x22FF LuxiSans22
0xEA00 0xEAFF LuxiSansEA
0xF000 0xF0FF LuxiSansF0
0xF600 0xF6FF LuxiSansF6
0xFB00 0xFBFF LuxiSansFB
0x0027 0x0027 0x19 LuxiSans20 # map apostrophe to right quote
0x0060 0x0060 0x18 LuxiSans20 # map grave to left quote