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0x0000 0x00FF LuxiMono-Oblique00
0x0100 0x01FF LuxiMono-Oblique01
0x0200 0x02FF LuxiMono-Oblique02
0x0300 0x03FF LuxiMono-Oblique03
0x2000 0x20FF LuxiMono-Oblique20
0x2100 0x21FF LuxiMono-Oblique21
0x2200 0x22FF LuxiMono-Oblique22
0xEA00 0xEAFF LuxiMono-ObliqueEA
0xF000 0xF0FF LuxiMono-ObliqueF0
0xF600 0xF6FF LuxiMono-ObliqueF6
0xFB00 0xFBFF LuxiMono-ObliqueFB
0x0027 0x0027 0x19 LuxiMono-Oblique20 # map apostrophe to right quote
0x0060 0x0060 0x18 LuxiMono-Oblique20 # map grave to left quote