devdraw: fix title and "open in top" on OS X

On OSX 10.10, when you open an application that depends on devdraw, the
title bar only shows the first letter of the application's name. The
patch sets a default title as soon as the window is created, which
fixes this issue.

On OSX 10.10, when you open an application that depends on devdraw, this
application is opened in top of other windows, however the menu bar is
not updated. The patch calls topwin() at the end of makewin() in
src/cmd/devdraw/cocoa-screen.m .

Change-Id: Ie036928b5574c8df20ad8b2b54047e2f7a22bb41
Reviewed-by: Russ Cox <>
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This is a port of many Plan 9 libraries and programs to Unix.


To install, run ./INSTALL. It builds mk and then uses mk to run the rest of the installation.

For more details, see install(1), at install.txt in this directory and at


See for more documentation. (Documentation is also in this tree, but you need to run a successful install first. After that, “9 man 1 intro”.)

Intro(1) contains a list of man pages that describe new features or differences from Plan 9.

Helping out

If you'd like to help out, great! The TODO file contains a small list.

If you port this code to other architectures, please share your changes so others can benefit.

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