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enum slugtypes {
NONE, // can't happen
VBOX, // Vertical Box -- printable stuff
SP, // paddable SPace
BS, // start Breakable Stream
US, // start Unbreakable Stream
BF, // start Breakable Float
UF, // start Unbreakable Float
PT, // start Page Top material (header)
BT, // start page BoTtom material (footer)
END, // ENDs of groups
NEUTRAL, // NEUTRALized slugs can do no harm (cf. CIA)
PAGE, // beginning of PAGE in troff input
TM, // Terminal Message to appear during output
COORD, // output page COORDinates
NE, // NEed command
MC, // Multiple-Column command
CMD, // misc CoMmanDs: FC, FL, BP
PARM, // misc PARaMeters: NP, FO
LASTTYPE // can't happen either
enum cmdtypes {
FC, // Freeze 2-Column material
FL, // FLush all floats before reading more stream
BP // Break Page
enum parmtypes {
NP, // distance of top margin from page top (New Page)
FO, // distance of bottom margin from page top (FOoter)
PL, // distance of physical page bottom from page top (Page Length)
MF, // minimum fullness required for padding
CT, // tolerance for division into two columns
WARN, // warnings to stderr?
DBG // debugging flag
class slug {
int serialnum;
int dp; // offset of data for this slug in inbuf
int linenum; // input line number (approx) for this slug
short font; // font in effect at slug beginning
short size; // size in effect at slug beginning
short seen; // 0 until output
short ncol; // number of columns (1 or 2)
short offset; // horizontal offset for 2 columns
short type; // VBOX, PP, etc.
short parm; // parameter
short base; // "depth" of this slug (from n command)
int hpos; // abs horizontal position
int dv; // height of this slug above its input Vpos
union {
int ht; // "height" of this slug (from n command)
int parm2; // second parameter, since only VBOXes have ht
friend slug getslug(FILE *);
friend void checkout();
friend slug eofslug();
void coalesce(); // with next slug in array slugs[]
void neutralize(); // render this one a no-op
void dump(); // dump its contents for debugging
char *headstr(); // string value of text
void slugout(int); // add the slug to the output
char *typename(); // printable slug type
int serialno() { return serialnum; }
int numcol() { return ncol; }
int lineno() { return linenum; }
// functions in slug.c
slug eofslug();
slug getslug(FILE *);