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#include <u.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <libc.h>
#include <fcall.h>
#include <thread.h>
#include <auth.h>
#include <9p.h>
#include <libsec.h>
#define APIKEY "G9ANE2zvCozKEoLQ5qaR1AUtcE5YpuDj"
#define HOST ""
#define UPLOAD_HOST ""
#define API_VERSION "1.2.1"
#define PATH "/services/api/json/" API_VERSION "/"
#define USER_AGENT "smugfs (part of Plan 9 from User Space)"
void* emalloc(int);
void* erealloc(void*, int);
char* estrdup(char*);
int urlencodefmt(Fmt*);
int timefmt(Fmt*);
int writen(int, void*, int);
// Generic cache
typedef struct Cache Cache;
typedef struct CEntry CEntry;
struct CEntry
char *name;
struct {
CEntry *next;
CEntry *prev;
} list;
struct {
CEntry *next;
} hash;
Cache *newcache(int sizeofentry, int maxentry, void (*cefree)(CEntry*));
CEntry *cachelookup(Cache*, char*, int);
void cacheflush(Cache*, char*);
// JSON parser
typedef struct Json Json;
struct Json
int ref;
int type;
char *string;
double number;
char **name;
Json **value;
int len;
void jclose(Json*);
Json* jincref(Json*);
vlong jint(Json*);
Json* jlookup(Json*, char*);
double jnumber(Json*);
int jsonfmt(Fmt*);
int jstrcmp(Json*, char*);
char* jstring(Json*);
Json* jwalk(Json*, char*);
Json* parsejson(char*);
// Wrapper to hide whether we're using OpenSSL for HTTPS.
typedef struct Protocol Protocol;
typedef struct Pfd Pfd;
struct Protocol
Pfd *(*connect)(char *host);
int (*read)(Pfd*, void*, int);
int (*write)(Pfd*, void*, int);
void (*close)(Pfd*);
Protocol http;
Protocol https;
// HTTP library
typedef struct HTTPHeader HTTPHeader;
struct HTTPHeader
int code;
char proto[100];
char codedesc[100];
vlong contentlength;
char contenttype[100];
char *httpreq(Protocol *proto, char *host, char *request, HTTPHeader *hdr, int rfd, vlong rlength);
int httptofile(Protocol *proto, char *host, char *req, HTTPHeader *hdr, int wfd);
// URL downloader - caches in files on disk
int download(char *url, HTTPHeader *hdr);
void downloadflush(char*);
MaxResponse = 1<<29,
Json* jsonrpc(Protocol *proto, char *host, char *path, char *method, char *name1, va_list arg, int usecache);
Json* jsonupload(Protocol *proto, char *host, char *req, int rfd, vlong rlength);
void jcacheflush(char*);
extern int chattyhttp;
// SmugMug RPC
#ifdef __GNUC__
#define check_nil __attribute__((sentinel))
#define check_nil
Json* smug(char *method, char *name1, ...) check_nil; // cached, http
Json* ncsmug(char *method, char *name1, ...) check_nil; // not cached, https
// Session information
extern Json *userinfo;
extern char *sessid;
// File system
extern Srv xsrv;
void xinit(void);
extern int nickindex(char*);
// Logging
typedef struct Logbuf Logbuf;
struct Logbuf
Req *wait;
Req **waitlast;
int rp;
int wp;
char *msg[128];
extern void lbkick(Logbuf*);
extern void lbappend(Logbuf*, char*, ...);
extern void lbvappend(Logbuf*, char*, va_list);
/* #pragma varargck argpos lbappend 2 */
extern void lbread(Logbuf*, Req*);
extern void lbflush(Logbuf*, Req*);
/* #pragma varargck argpos flog 1 */
extern void rpclog(char*, ...);
extern void rpclogflush(Req*);
extern void rpclogread(Req*);
extern void rpclogwrite(Req*);
extern int printerrors;