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* Structure pointed to by X field of Memimage
typedef struct Xmem Xmem;
typedef struct Xprivate Xprivate;
PMundef = ~0
struct Xmem
int pixmap; /* pixmap id */
XImage *xi; /* local image */
int dirty; /* is the X server ahead of us? */
Rectangle dirtyr; /* which pixels? */
Rectangle r; /* size of image */
struct Xprivate {
u32int chan;
XColormap cmap;
XCursor cursor;
XDisplay *display;
int fd; /* of display */
int depth; /* of screen */
XDrawable drawable;
XColor map[256];
XColor map7[128];
uchar map7to8[128][2];
XGC gccopy;
XGC gccopy0;
XGC gcfill;
u32int gcfillcolor;
XGC gcfill0;
u32int gcfill0color;
XGC gcreplsrc;
u32int gcreplsrctile;
XGC gcreplsrc0;
u32int gcreplsrc0tile;
XGC gcsimplesrc;
u32int gcsimplesrccolor;
u32int gcsimplesrcpixmap;
XGC gcsimplesrc0;
u32int gcsimplesrc0color;
u32int gcsimplesrc0pixmap;
XGC gczero;
u32int gczeropixmap;
XGC gczero0;
u32int gczero0pixmap;
Rectangle newscreenr;
Memimage* screenimage;
QLock screenlock;
XDrawable screenpm;
XDrawable nextscreenpm;
Rectangle screenr;
int toplan9[256];
int tox11[256];
int usetable;
XVisual *vis;
Atom clipboard;
Atom utf8string;
Atom targets;
Atom text;
Atom compoundtext;
Atom takefocus;
Atom losefocus;
Atom wmprotos;
uint putsnarf;
uint assertsnarf;
int destroyed;
extern Xprivate _x;
extern Memimage *_xallocmemimage(Rectangle, u32int, int);
extern XImage *_xallocxdata(Memimage*, Rectangle);
extern void _xdirtyxdata(Memimage*, Rectangle);
extern void _xfillcolor(Memimage*, Rectangle, u32int);
extern void _xfreexdata(Memimage*);
extern XImage *_xgetxdata(Memimage*, Rectangle);
extern void _xputxdata(Memimage*, Rectangle);
struct Mouse;
extern int _xtoplan9mouse(XEvent*, struct Mouse*);
extern int _xtoplan9kbd(XEvent*);
extern void _xexpose(XEvent*);
extern int _xselect(XEvent*);
extern int _xconfigure(XEvent*);
extern int _xdestroy(XEvent*);
extern void _flushmemscreen(Rectangle);
extern void _xmoveto(Point);
struct Cursor;
extern void _xsetcursor(struct Cursor*);
extern void _xbouncemouse(Mouse*);
extern int _xsetlabel(char*);
extern Memimage* _xattach(char*, char*);
extern char* _xgetsnarf(void);
extern void _xputsnarf(char *data);
extern void _xtopwindow(void);
extern void _xresizewindow(Rectangle);
extern void _xmovewindow(Rectangle);
extern int _xreplacescreenimage(void);
#define MouseMask (\
extern Rectangle screenrect;
extern Rectangle windowrect;
extern int fullscreen;