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* I am too ignorant to know if Cocoa and Libthread
* can coexist: if I try to include thread.h, now
* that Devdraw uses Cocoa's threads (and timers), it
* crashes immediately; when Devdraw was using
* proccreate(), it could run a little while before to
* crash; the origin of those crashes is hard to
* ascertain, because other programs using Libthread
* (such as 9term, Acme, Plumber, and Sam) currently
* don't run when compiled with Xcode 4.1.
#include <thread.h>
#define QLock DQLock
#define qlock dqlock
#define qunlock dqunlock
#define threadexitsall exits
#define threadmain main
typedef struct QLock QLock;
struct QLock
int init;
pthread_mutex_t m;
void qlock(QLock*);
void qunlock(QLock*);